Patch release date: September 27, 2016

1. Complete The Final Coil of Bahamut – Turn 4 (a.k.a. T13). The text of the new main scenario quests being added in Patch 3.4 will differ depending on whether or not you’ve completed The Binding Coil of Bahamut, so now’s the time to get this done if you haven’t already!

2. Get your Allagan tomestones in order. Tomestones of Law will be completely removed from the game, so if you have any still lying around, you should convert them before it’s too late. Tomestones of esoterics will no longer be obtainable and you’ll be able to convert your remaining tomestones of esoterics into tomestones of lore, so capping esoterics before the patch is recommended.

3. Catch up on the Warring Triad questline. The quest “The Fate of Stars” was added in Patch 3.3 but was overlooked by a lot of players. Visit The Solar (Mor Dhona, Rising Stones) to pick it up if you haven’t already completed it.


4. Make some gil! The auto-demolition timer for housing will be turned back on in 3.4. It has been off since April, so there will likely be a bunch of new housing plots available 45 days after 3.4. Patch 3.4 will also introduce new crafted gear, including weapons, so there’ll be plenty of shiny, new things to spend your gil on for those that can afford it.

5. Brush up on your PvP skills! One-on-one duels will be added in 3.4, so there’s just enough time to make some enemies and name a second to make sure your honor is upheld. You might also want to get some PvP experience if you’d like to actually WIN any of these duels.


6. Make sure your gear is up to date. A lot of new content will be released in Patch 3.4, including two new dungeons, both of which will have a minimum item level requirement of 210. You’ll want your average item level to be at least 210+ when the new patch hits if you plan on diving into the new content right away.

7. Practice sheathing your weapon (or un-targeting your target) and make sure you have an appropriate hot-key assigned. With the new auto-attack changes in 3.4, simply turning around to avoid gaze-type mechanics will no longer work, and you’ll have to sheath your weapon or untarget the boss instead. Best get used to this now to avoid unnecessary and hilarious screw-ups in the new content.

8. Load up on Grand Company seals and max out your GC rank (if you haven’t already). In Patch 3.4, we’ll FINALLY be getting a new Grand Company rank. All previous GC promotions have required a certain number of GC seals, so expect to need a bunch to obtain the long-awaited new rank.




9. Catch some cool fish! Aquariums will be added as a new housing feature in Patch 3.4, allowing you to display and enjoy your favourite fishies. While you’re at it, you should also farm up your favourite Orchestrion rolls so you can have a hot playlist to listen to when the new playlist feature is added in 3.4.

10. Catch up on your anima weapon (relic) progress. A new relic step will be added in 3.45, so it’s a good idea to get caught up now during the pre-patch content lull rather than after 3.4 hits when there’s tons of fun, new stuff to do.

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