I’m a new player who has fallen in love with Final Fantasy XIV, but I’m completely overwhelmed! I just want to hit 60 so I can play with my friends, but I feel like I’ll never make it with all these quests. What should I do?


A Level 50 Monk



First off, welcome to the game! All of us are glad you made the plunge into the wonderful world of FFXIV, and hope you enjoy yourself. However, as someone who has made many, many, alternate characters, I understand your pain. With a new patch looming and even more new content to do, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. Dozens of new level 50 dungeons, more story with half a dozen new primals to take care of, and even more fetch quests. And that’s all before you hit Heavensward!

 So, my advice to you, is to slow down, and enjoy it while you can. Weird right? All your friends are at level 60! You probably feel like you’ll never make it. But that’s not true! In fact, the more you slow down and enjoy the ride, the more likely you are to avoid burnout. Even when you do hit that magical 60, there will still be more to do. More dungeons, weekly tome cap, hunts, raids, so on and so forth. You can (and will) do those every week, but you only get to enjoy the story once!

If you are adamant about rushing to 60, then make sure you do the story anyway. Everything at 60 is locked behind completion of the level 60 story. You can skip cutscenes, but i would still recommend watching them movie-style later at the inn. You can also choose to do all your level 50 dungeons once you hit 60 if you’re not struggling for levels without them. I’m positive someone you know will be more than happy to take you through them at a later time. Bonus points if they’re working a relic!

Hope that helps, and happy questing!

– Abby

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