Hello dear readers! As of today, I’m going to take you on a slightly different adventure in regards to housing. We all know that everyone has their own, unique taste, which makes exploring the houses of Eorzea so much fun! We’ve seen a haunted house, a cafe, a funeral home, a cozy cottage and a fun house, but what about something a little more personal? Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you through some FC rooms, apartments, and houses that really represent their owners, and their main classes. Ever wonder how a Scholar lives behind the scenes? Well, there’s only one way to find out, so let’s dive into this quaint little Apartment 39 in Ward 3 of Mist on Gilgamesh!

Disclaimer: Images have been lightened.


When you think Scholar, what comes to mind? Books, books, and more books! And boy does Zetta Leonhart have a lot of them… Placed carefully on beautifully crafted Mounted Bookshelves, these various tomes, written by different Nymian tacticians, are constantly within reach for quick access. A Scholar must always be ready to brush up on battle strategies, skills, history, and fiction during his time off from protecting his group members in battles, and yelling at Selene and Eos, of course. In preparation for battle, Zetta meticulously pursues his vast collection, deliberately selecting the most appropriate tome based on the potential threats he and his team anticipates facing. As if having these shelves covering each wall wasn’t enough, piles of these books are also sprawled around the room! Perhaps these are his most used, and thus must be the most accessible? Upon closer inspection, one can note all of the different tactical works from prior civilizations passed down through the ages, such as the Allagan Empire when they were a military might! His collection is certainly something to marvel at, providing him with ample tools to make him a formidable foe against any darkness or evil that descends upon Eorzea.

Now that Omelettes are in, and Baked Pipira Pira is a thing of the past, Zetta can happily raise and enjoy a variety of fish in his stunning Tier 4 Aquarium without having to bake them up for some extra support in battle! Since he no longer has to cook up his beloved fish, Zetta has come to realize that no life exists that is too small or insignificant to protect in the realm. This large aquarium now serves to inspire him to continue on his path, seeking out more modern and cutting edge stratagem focused on innocent casualties. Though, with the aquarium carefully perched against one of the walls of books, one can’t help but wonder how he manages to get to the books stored behind it…Perhaps this is a secret stash for his eyes only? Only the Twelve may know!

Once a book has been selected for study, there is a cozy little spot right in front of a Masonwork Stove where he can curl up on one of the Manor seats available. The slight flickering of the fire’s light provides a calming atmosphere in the otherwise darkened room, giving off just the right amount of heat to ensure the utmost comfort. The exquisite fabric and craft of the seats allow Zetta to settle in and get lost in the text, forgetting about the world, and it’s seemingly endless troubles. How anyone could tear themselves away from this nook is beyond my comprehension!

The life of a Scholar isn’t always one of comfort and study though. Days where the world’s troubles are just too much to bear where not even a good book can distract him certainly exist, though they may be few and far between. When these days inevitably occur, he can plop right down behind his large Manor Desk, prop his feet up, and enjoy some spirits in the light glow of the candles. Those other Scholars out there know what it’s like, after a long grueling day of doing everything in your power to protect your group members, battling your heart out, and getting in countless fights with your fairies, you just want to take a big swig and throw your hands up shouting one of Zetta’s favorite sayings, “I can’t heal stupid, but I can drink it away!” Drinking away his slight PTSD after a particularly strenuous battle could not be easier with the bottles of spirits and wine that are already chilled, and ready for downing at his desk!

Finally, the breathtaking crystal hanging above provides him with both a slight source of light to his humble abode, as well as a source of aether. Whilst he is basking in his tome collection, Zetta’s fairy companions bask in the aether to rest, restore, and prepare for the future battles that are sure to be right around the corner. There is certainly no mistaking that this is a sanctuary made for a Scholar!


Do you have a house, apartment, or FC room that just screams your main job?  Send a couple of screen shots and brief description to serenafief@gmail.com today for your chance to be featured in a future blog post!

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