The life of a culinarian is that of extravagance! Surrounded by her friendly customers and tending to her bakery on Gilgamesh, Alilolelotte May (henceforth referred to as Ali) takes us through how she lives her life to the fullest as a culinarian!

Upon entering the yard, a giant Faust sporting a tea kettle can be spotted off to the right. As a way to show her immense appreciation to all of her lovely customers, Ali ensures that this kettle is always properly stocked with complimentary tea to be enjoyed while relaxing on the bench and waiting to order.

The sign at the entrance of the bakery allows visitors to discover the current “Daily Best” being served; though, rumor has it that the Pineapple Ponzecake is the preferred choice despite what’s indicated on the sign! Ali informed me that she was never fond of the pineapple chunks that typically come in a Pineapple Ponzecake, so instead of including them in her recipe she, simply replaces them with pineapple juice! But shh, don’t tell her I told you!

Once you have had your fill of the tasty tea, simply head inside to the front counter on the right or, if still undecided, peruse the display case that is complete with a decent variety of samples of cakes and other sweets on the left. Directly in front of the entrance you will be able to watch as she or one of the three employees prepare the baked goods in the vintage stone oven. When the day is over and the bakery is closed, Ali retreats to her personal area downstairs.

Typically, her first task after closing the bakery is to relax in the hot tub soothing her muscles, sore from slaving away over the oven and gathering all of her own ingredients. After a nice, refreshing soak she heads to bed in her large and romantic heart shaped bed, sometimes even sneaking in some spirits from the bedside table!

The culinarian life is certainly a full one, but remains worth it due to the many loyal customers and friends that have become undeniably hooked on the baked goods that Ali provides to the citizens of Eorzea!


To see more of Ali’s Bakery, feel free to visit on Gilgamesh, in the Goblet, Ward 1, Plot 26 or view our imgur album here!

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