Today’s thought: How not to be a bore during a content lull.

Welcome back my melancholy millennials to another edition of AOG. Today we will be discussing how to properly handle the content lull we are currently experiencing within FFXIV.  Unfortunately your slacker lifestyle means you rarely finish anything you start so you will not understand how to handle a time when nothing new and flashy is being put in front of you. What you need to learn is that near the end of a patch cycle, a content lull is a perfectly natural phenomenon, unlike that ridiculous color you’ve dyed your hair or the “I never want to work a more prestigious job than a barista” gauges you put in your ears. Knowing that this time is inevitable will help you prepare to handle it.

The first thing you need to do before opening your Cheetos encrusted mouth to whine is to ask yourself if you actually have completed the content available to you.  Does your raid group have A12S in total farm mode?  Do you have multiple jobs at level 60?  How about your crafting and gathering jobs?  Have you completed POTD to floor 200? Enough times to get both the red and the white reward? I can feel you rolling your eyes like a 90’s valley girl.  You will say “yeah” like the sassy teenager you were more years ago than you want to admit, but we both know you are nowhere near to completing these tasks.  If you have not taken advantage of all the game has to offer, shut your pie hole.

The second thing to consider is that a solid group of friends can keep the game fresh even if the content is stale.  Use this time to really develop those connections.  Hop on voice chat and get to know your raid members.  Become more active in your Free Company.  Start an online magazine where they let you shake your fist on the imaginary porch.  Playing an MMO is always about community.  If you aren’t doing it for the community, then you are playing the game wrong.  Also I don’t want to hear about playing it the way you want because it’s your $15 a month, and let’s be real it’s your momma’s $15 anyway.  I don’t care how fancy of a basketball you buy. If you kick it with your foot, you are doing it wrong.  Unless you are Michael Jordan and are doing it for irony, you should probably accept that you won’t be the Michael Jordan of anything other than the fry station at your local McDonald’s.

Finally, remember it’s okay to go do something else.  Log in for raid day or your dailies then log out.  Go discover what the sun looks like or go bowling.  If you are scared of the outdoors, then see what is hiding in your Steam library.  Surprise your mother by doing the laundry or washing the dishes, you can you-tube it since you probably have not yet acquired those life skills or anything truly useful yet.  Who knows, it may save you another week from inching closer to an Old Yeller situation out back.

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