I have the hardest time with dodging front cone AOE’s. My friends always say I have two left feet. I always end up too far back or smack in the middle of a fiery unfriendly foe. Do you have any advice for someone who always feels too slow at being in the heat?


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There are a few different issues at play. The first thing you may not realize is that you have to be out of the AOE before the maker disappears. I know that as a new player, I didn’t quite understand why I was getting hit by things. “The line had disappeared why am I still taking damage?!” That, my friends, is what I like to call the “early check” and this game has a ton of them (looking at you Sophia). Basically, every mechanic in this game takes a “snapshot” of your character’s position, health, buffs, and debuffs in order to apply the mechanic properly. Theoretically, this check should happen at the end of the boss’ cast. In reality, you have to be ready for it about a second early.  This is most commonly seen in failed cool downs such as Benediction and Hallowed Ground, but still applies to dodging AOEs.

The second is that you may have latency issues. Now I’m not giving you permission to blame lag, but it is important to realize that sometimes what you see on your screen has already happened. This is even more deadly if you consider the early checking I mentioned before, as it could early check on your lag and you won’t have a prayer.


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So how do you avoid this? Even if it’s latency or a bad case of lead foot, the easiest way to dodge AOE is to position yourself so you have to take the least amount of steps as possible. Take, for example, the boss (Aiatar) in Brayflox Longstop. Many tanks (especially new ones) have a difficult time dodging his AOE, especially with latency. By standing inside of the bosses hit box (or the giant red circle around him when he’s targeted) you have now reduced the amount of steps you need to take to dodge the AOE. This is even more important when dodging cones because the front of the AOE is much smaller than the back.

Now, what if the mob with the cone is smaller than you? Same concept applies! Stand as close to them as you can without turning them toward your party. Easier to run through, you take less damage, and everyone’s happy!

Now for DPS and healers. For the most part, you do not want to ever be near your tank unless a specific mechanic requires it. T9, for example, requires a tank stack for Fire In and Fire Out. However, sometimes the boss turns to cast a cone at any one of you, and if you’re hugging the far wall it will be impossible to dodge it in time. Same concept that I outlined for the tank above: stand closer to the boss! Now if you’re a Black Mage then try to stand closer away from everyone else so you don’t stack too may AOEs, but it’s okay to not be across the room.

So look your foes in the eye – get right in their face – and dodge those AOEs like a pro.

Good luck and happy dancing!



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