Dear Abby,

I have a severe Fantasia addiction. I’ll buy three at a time and sometimes go through them within a week. Sometimes, I’ll even swap genders, which then (of course) requires a name change, and I know my friends are probably getting sick of it. But I just can’t stop! I want to try everything and haven’t found one I like better than the rest yet. What should I do?


Paid Shapeshifter


Dear Paid Shapeshifter,

As a fantasia addict myself, I feel your pain. I’ve been playing this game for a little over two years and have gone through no less than 7 name changes and dozens of fantasias. Those closest to me know what the name changes all mean and are more surprised when I go a few months without a change then when I fantasia.

So first, ask yourself a few questions.

Why do I love fantasia?

Recognizing why you have the problem is the first step to recovery. Personally, I don’t grow attached to my character as much as other people do. I love change, and love to make up new glamour and new characters and essentially “rebuild” every time I fantasia. For others, they change because they’re friends change and they want to fit in. Some change because they’re trying to maximize their stats based on the job they want to play. Whatever it is, recognize it. If you’re not sure, ask your closest friends. If they’re no help, then consider cutting cold turkey until you figure it out, or lose the urge to change again.

Will I be able to quit?

Depending on your answer for the question above, this answer may not be as straight forward as you think. For some people (myself included) this game would be very different if they didn’t have the freedom to change their character whenever they want. If you are one of those people, then set limits for yourself. Instead of buying three fantasias, stick to one and only buy it once a month.

If you desperately want to quit or are absolutely determined to cut fantasia completely out of your life, then create a strategy to stop. If you pay through the Mog Station, set up automatic monthly payments so you won’t be tempted to buy fantasia when you pay your subscription. If you have a significant other, ask them to hold you accountable and don’t ask them for fantasia. Above all, be flexible. If your strategy isn’t working, find another one. Cutting fantasia 100% may not be for you. And that’s okay! If you’re responsible about it, you’ll feel much better.

Is a fantasia addiction really that bad?

Yes and no. Paying for them (and name changes) can be expensive, but if you budget spending money just for video games (and stick to said budget) it’s actually not that bad. It’s also incredibly easy for friends to buy you presents and you can save yourself a few bucks. In the end, fantasia use isn’t bad if done responsibly.

So, if you use the tips above, and space out purchases, and drink fantasia responsibly, you’ll find your addiction will slowly become more manageable. And who knows! Maybe one of your characters may finally grow on you. Then you’ll never have to fantasia again!

Good luck!


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