At first, the feeling I had was hesitancy, almost dread… but I brushed off the feeling and proceeded due to the overwhelming curiosity. What could be so bad in the Mist? I hesitantly knocked on the door and Blue Waffles answered with a grim look on his face. “Who is your dearly departed?” He asked. I was baffled! Dearly departed? What have I stumbled upon?!? I explained my role in journalism and my strange draw to the house, and he obliged, stepping aside with a hint of a smile on his face letting me in.
That’s when I realized just how dark this yearning was…. I was immediately greeted by a large coffin placed in the center of the room, complete with benches on either side of me. Centered on the wall behind the coffin was a Haurchefant portrait, the Twelve rest his soul…. There was a man behind the counter that greeted me solemnly; asking whom it was that has left me so soon. Again, I explained that I was a journalist for The Moogle Post and that there was this strange feeling when I passed the house that I was drawn to. He nodded knowingly, as if this was normal for him to witness, and went on with his paperwork.
I slowly let my curiosity take over whilst taking in all that was surrounding me. There had certainly been men lost, especially with the Dragon War recently, so a funeral home is certainly to be expected… but here? It was so unexpected! The Gargoyle Sculptures guarding the door and the flames lighting the path gave a very solemn ambiance, definitely fitting the mood of mourning. After taking in the dark décor, I proceeded down the stairs where I was greeted with a much more comforting atmosphere, or so I thought.
There was a beautiful Tier 4 Aquarium, complete with a handful of fish which brought a little life back into this house of death.  Past the aquarium lay a large table surrounded by chairs and bookshelves. Certainly, as a Scholar, these bookshelves caught my eye and drew me in, though upon realizing what they actually were chills were sent straight to my core. This was no library, but an archive of those lost to us. As solemn as this room was, it did make me happier to know that the history of our loved ones was taken care of in a loving manner. Not a speck of dust in sight! This house is definitely a sad one, but the amount of care and love that goes into it assuredly allows the light of joy to shine through the sorrow.

May the Twelve bless you all!

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