And boy do I have a treat for you! It is not news that some of the holiday decorations in this game tend to be a little on the candy-corny side of things… But fear not, as dressing up your house in a chic Halloween costume is not as horror-ible as my puns. So let’s dive in and see what the ghouls over in the FC Coeurl Up ‘N Dye have in store for us.

*Disclaimer: Due to the nature and the lighting of the décor, the images have been lightened.

Upon entering this darkened, ominous abode, I was greeted by a Tier 4 Aquarium stationed behind a reception desk, though the receptionist (i.e. the Mender) appears to be distracted by something off to the side that can’t be seen. Chills running down my spine, I carefully approached the desk and noticed a pumpkin basket full of candy! However, my hand stopped dead mid-reach when I noticed the eyes of the seemingly stuffed Succubus following me. Best to leave the candy alone! Searching for the retainer bell to request some Frozen Spirits to calm my nerves, I noticed that the bells had been conveniently hidden inside of the desk as to give a “bellhop” appearance without taking away from the dark aura. The Dragon Lamps, chic yet creepy, also caught my eye as they cast an eerie glow on the fish tank, giving the fish a mesmerizing appearance as they swam in and out of the shadows. A crackle sound and flicking light to my right brought me back from my entranced state, so I proceeded to tear myself away.

I quickly found myself in the living area, but stopped dead in my tracks as I got the sense that the living may not be the only ones inhabiting this area of the house! My chills are subdued slightly as I located the source of the crackle and flickering light and took a seat in one of the cute and comfy Pumpkin Chairs, carefully avoiding the eerie vibe given off by the deep red Manor furniture in the corner. At least I felt safe with that Melder near!

After my nerves had calmed down enough, I proceeded to quickly pass the aquarium to investigate what was hidden behind the dark partition on the other side. Little did I expect to see such a quaint and chic reading area! The combination of the dark red and the soft glow from the fireplace, Dragon Lamps and Candelabras is relaxing, that is until one of the books from the pile I was nowhere near fell…How can you keep your mind on the book with who knows what lurking in the shadows around you? Sufficiently creeped out, I dashed up the stairs. Trying to rush up the stairs, I nearly collided with one of the many chairs surrounding a vast table, no doubt used by the leadership team to plot. More Dragon Lamps cast light on the Pumpkin Soup sitting in the center of the table and the scattered paperwork that seemed to have been left behind in some sort of rush. Perhaps the late leadership members have not actually left this FC? And queue the chills again…

Taking another brief reprieve on a Pumpkin Chair in front of the fire, I noted the bizarre flowerpots on the shelf and the frightening Bahamut statue behind me. Perhaps it was in my best interest to escape to the last portion of my tour… Keeping an eye on that Bahamut, I snuck back down the stairs and hoped for some solace in the basement.

Just as dark and dim as the rest of the house, I found myself in a bar downstairs. As the chef was muttering, to whom I desperately hoped was herself, I chose to take a seat under the Ice Chandelier that gave off a glorious blue glow. A delicious scent brought my eyes from the cooking area and back to the table where I found some Pumpkin Soup guarded by another seemingly stuffed Succubus. Realizing how hungry I was after my adventure thus far, I happily, but cautiously, helped myself to a bowlful and let my mind wander with the calming piano music. It wasn’t until the music abruptly stopped that I realized no one was sitting at it! Backing away, I found myself bumping into what appeared to be a workshop area, dimly lit by more Dragon Lamps. This area at least gave me some hope of getting out alive, as there were plants growing on the partitions. This hope gave me enough courage to promptly run back up the stairs and back to the safety of the yard. Taking deep breathes, the beautiful and bright colors of the trees and leaves around me assured me that I had gotten out alive…or had I…?

Stop by and get spooked on Gilgamesh, Mist, Ward 3, Plot 59!

Written by Serena Fieflorn

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Raid Mom to the Rhalgr's Reacharounds, Serena is also an Editor and the organizing genius of TMP. Rather than sleeping, she spends her time writing, teaching old bears new tricks, crafting for her friends and searching for needles in haystacks.

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