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Palace in Peril

There is a tale of a Chocobo Palace that harnesses a secret that few have discovered, and even less have survived to tell. It is said to reside in Lavender Beds, though what time dimension is unknown and ever changing. Once it has been found and a brave soul has entered the land, the story truly comes to life and maintaining the truth in your heart and sanity in your head is the only way out.

Under the light of the full moon and starry sky lies a well-kept secret the twins have been hiding. A crystal glow emanates the area, however this strong light seems to be losing its luster. The path is closed, will you be able to break the seal? Overcome this trial, pass through these doors and a grand adventure will await you!

The twin Fausts stand tall on either side of the bridge, guarding this precious palace from malicious visitors and unwelcomed eyes. Only through battling the twins without causing death will one be granted entry. Once inside, you are met with a breathtaking path, complete with stunning lamps to light your way. Be sure to remember these lamps, as they should also be used to illuminate your way back to freedom! At the end of the path lies the true guardian and keeper, as well as the darker truth that lingers well hidden inside this palace.

The Curator (automaton) guards the palace and maintains the clockwork in pristine condition. However, this has presented its own difficulty as a temporal anomaly has suddenly occurred. If it were to break, the consequences would be disastrous through all of Eorzea. There is talk of various portals leading to varied prospering worlds rife with adventure. From those filled with magic and faeries, to those filled with shadows and terror.

Choose a tome, it will guide you to one of these portals and bring you to a world of wonder. But before this can happen and you continue, you must be sure of yourself and not take this new adventure lightly, oh no… you will find yourself facing perilous danger, that’s why we urge you to keep this with you at all times, no matter what the cost. Will you ever be able to return from your journey? Who knows…

Many portals lie around the edges of the main floor beckoning you to enter at your own risk. Grabbing the correct tome remains your only hope, but will this adventure prove worth the potential cost of your very own soul? Only one way to find out… one must dive deeper into this mystery and explore the depths of the secret which seems to be hidden in the different levels of the palace. So are you ready to fend off pirates, find an island rife with treasure, and fight off a terrible pirate captain? It’s up to you to dive in and discover ‘Atlantis’. Even better, discover a city of gold, its riches, and King Midas himself! Defend yourself against a powerful dragon! Rejoin the fairy folk with their pixie dust, or perhaps even have a run-in with death itself. Or maybe you’d prefer simply discovering a completely different kind of story, removed from fairy tales and legends, your own story where you’re the hero.

The adventures are endless with many more portals, treasures galore and tomes stacked from floor to ceiling. Choosing which adventure to embark upon proves no easy task and should not be taken lightly as your existence on this and every plane lies at stake. However, time shall also not be wasted, should you cause more peril through the disruption of the pristine clockwork and thus wreak havoc on all of Eorzea! Before you can make your choice, you will have to meet with the Council, they alone possess the keys you need to continue. Unfortunately, they have yet to return from their own journey. They went through this door and were never to be seen again. Since their disappearance, the Palace has seemed surreal, stuck between time and space, waiting for the day an adventurer such as yourself will come and free the masters of this enchantment!

Are you this palace’s savior? Will you be the one to break the enchantment and free all of Eorzea from it’s impending doom?

A special thank you to Seraphyn Light from Lich for sharing his beautiful palace (Lich Server, Lavendar Beds, Ward 10, Plot 36) and the amazing story behind it! I would also like to thank Zetta Leonhart from Gilgamesh for translating the tale from French. For access to the full layout PDF version, please visit this link. For access to the French version of the background story, please visit this link.

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