Apartments being added was an attempt to satisfy the craving for more housing that has been adamantly felt by the citizens of Erozea. Not only do they offer refuge, but they are also permanent, exempt from the 45 day eviction rule put into place. Though the possibility of losing your apartment does not exist, the lack of space certainly does. So how does an amateur Eorzean Interior Designer make an apartment feel like home without feeling like you’re Harry Potter stuffed in a broom closet? We turn to Tireur Isole of Gilgamesh’s apartment for ideas!

The entrance to the apartment should be cozy, but maintain balance around the room. There is no need to try to stuff in a large fireplace surrounded by chairs, couches and plants, this simply crowds the living space and will probably quickly become smoldering hot! Tireur opted to go with a simple chest as a living room table of sorts, which can easily double as storage for the blankets you’ll need with the lack of fireplace. The sleek couch choice gives the area a comfy feeling without going over the top and feeling clunky. By angling a chair away from the wall, this allows the Orchestrion to be slid in slightly behind while still maintaining spacing.

Many people believe the misconception that in order to make an apartment look bigger than it is, you should leave the whole area with an open floor plan. This is not the case! Adding walls does not always make a room feel closed off, especially when you get creative with the angles at which you place them. Through avoiding harsh corners, you avoid feeling boxed in and claustrophobic, providing room to breathe and the necessary flow to a room. The aquarium set back just a bit, offset by the pillar, is certainly a nice touch to fill in what would be empty space and provide life to the room.

Passing through the partition leads you to another homey, yet spacious area considered a den or study. Keeping this simplistic, but with wall decor certainly opens the room up, thus avoiding the closet feeling that walls can tend to provide. A few simple touches, such as a perfectly placed plant or lamp can make the difference in a room, especially when playing with the shadows and thus affecting the appearance of the dimensions of the room. Be careful not to overlap rugs, as this will certainly lead to an overcrowded feeling!

Though bedrooms irl can tend to be overly done with posters, furniture and general “junk,” your in game room certainly can be more sophisticated. A simple bedside table on either side of your bed with one item placed on it can make the room look lived in while still denying the busy feeling that one can get when placing too many pieces in a room just to make it look full. Keeping things simplistic while still maintaining a personal touch is certainly the best way to ensure that your apartment truly feels like a home!


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