I was working through some side quests, and I was wondering a few questions. Why are there two Odins? There’s this random FATE in Gridania that I beat a few weeks ago, but there’s also this Trial. What’s the difference? Is it the same primal? Is there any reason to farm either?


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There are two reasons for having two Odins: gameplay and lore.

For gameplay, Odin began as the level 50 FATE “Steel Reign”. It was one of two FATEs (along with Behemoth in Coerthas) that was unique, as it did not appear on the map unless you were close by, and only spawns once every 72 hours after the FATE was cleared, or had failed. Unlike Behemoth, who spawned in the same spot every time, Odin could be found in any of the Shrouds. It would take either luck or a concentrated group effort to find him. When someone did find him, the fight often killed hundreds of unsuspecting adventurers. (There was even a glitch back in the day where his ultimate move Zantetsuken would kill way beyond the projected range.) Killing Odin in his FATE form would reward the player with Odin’s Mantle, which could be traded for unique glamour, weapons, and even crafted into a housing piece. There is also a chance to have your name displayed on the next occurrence of the FATE, if you’re the lucky adventurer who lands the killing blow!

Urth’s Fount was a Trial that was released in patch 2.5 (the last major ARR patch) and is the only non-Hildebrand, or story related Trial to only have one difficulty. At the time of inception, Urth’s Font had one of the strictest DPS checks in the game, clocking in around 6 1/2 minutes before he would cast Zantetsuken and wipe the raid. Killing Odin in this Trial rewards you with the title “The Unsevered” as well as a chance for Odin-themed glamour. Nowadays, this fight is incredibly easy, especially if you do it unsynced.

In terms of lore, there is actually an extremely good reason why there are two Odins, proven by what happens when you defeat him in either his FATE, or his Trial. Odin is not the man on the horse. He is the sword that tempers the strongest warrior who defeats his previous host. In the FATE, this is established by his change in appearance and increase in level after each defeat. When you defeat him in Urth’s Fount, all that’s left behind is his sword, proving that that is, in fact, the true body of the primal, sustaining itself off of great warriors it takes over.

Be sure to check out the cut-scenes and side quests for the details. Thanks for the question, and welcome to the wonderful world of lore hunting!




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