Why do all the AOEs land on my Ley Lines? Is there any way to avoid this?


A Salty Black Mage



The short answer is no. Ley Lines is secretly an AOE magnet that will only be satisfied by your own demise.

Jokes aside, there are a few ways to try and lessen the pain. The first is becoming aware of the fight. Not only will this help you with your Black Mage rotation in general (can’t be losing that Enochian!), but it will also open up obvious windows for Ley Lines placement. The second, is not being afraid to tell people to GTFO. You draw enough AOE aggro as it is, adding a second (or third) person to the mix makes things infinitely harder. Remember, some people can’t see your Ley Lines, so speak up!

Now sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Maybe it’s your opener, and it would be too high of a DPS loss to ignore it. Maybe you’re 15 seconds into your Ley Lines and pushed into the next phase too fast. Don’t worry! You still have options. Manawall and Manaward do wonders for mitigation, assuming you know which one to use (see being aware of the fight above). You can also preset yourself to dodge AOE within your own Ley Lines. Stand on the far side either to the left or the right. Then if you do get picked for any pesky AOEs, you’ll have room to move and never leave your ley lines!

The best possible advice, however, is to find a healer you trust. Seems odd right? Relying on someone else? But a good healer can make a world of a difference for a Black Mage. All of them have some sort of shield or regen and would be more than happy to precast if it makes their job easier (and trust me, it does). Now, that doesn’t mean you can just starting tanking everything. What this does mean is that, assuming the AOE doesn’t kill you (see being aware of the fight above. See a pattern?) you can move much, much less. This means higher DPS, which means a happier party. Situational awareness is key!

Hope that helps, and good luck!


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