With all of the effort and sheer willpower that it takes to call upon their egis in battle, a summoner must have a shelter to escape to, a safe haven where they can leave the troubles of the world behind. A solemn sanctuary to which they can abscond and regenerate their lost vigor! But what could this shelter possibly look like? Fyroh Pyralis of Gilgamesh has given us an exclusive peek into how summoners live behind the scenes and away from the battlefield!

Just like Fyroh herself, the home is very warm and inviting, with lots of little hidden features and memories scattered about. The most notable remains in the carbuncle decorations, which serves to remind the summoner of her beloved first pet and best friend. As a sproutling, Fyroh quickly trained and formed a very tight bond with her carbuncle, who served her loyally throughout many battles. Unfortunately, as the summoner excels and grows, so does their arsenal of egis, and the carbuncle tends to fall to the wayside, taking the bench in the most advanced fights. Despite the decreased time on the battlefield, the carbuncle will forever be Fyroh’s favorite and best friend, but don’t tell the others!

As a summoner, Fyroh’s relationship with her brother and sister scholars runs deep, as does their history. Many years ago, an illness spread among the Nymians and was believed to have originated from the sea. This illness was gruesome, leaving them as little green, slimy creatures soon to be known as Tonberries. The scholars tried with all their power to heal this illness, but to no avail. Unfortunately, they too were overcome, all becoming mad with grief and the loss of their humanity and memories. In order to honor those lost to the illness and remember how precious all lives are, pieces of tonberry decor have been incorporated into the home. They are never far from thought and prayer as the fight for a cure rages on!

Being more advanced in her abilities and having fought in many battles, Fyroh gladly shows off her prized Bahamut statues she had crafted in celebration of both defeating the Primal Dreadwyrm Bahamut and learning a skill very similar to his Ahk Morn after intense study and training. These statues serve to remind her of just how powerful she can be, but also that with great power comes great responsibility to protect the realm. The power she now harnesses should be wielded wisely, much more wisely than Bahamut managed.

A dip in the hot tub is exactly what is needed after a long and strenuous day on the battlefront. There is nothing quite like relaxing in steaming water, studying new spells from the various grimoires around the room! She just needs to make sure not to fall asleep, lest she drop her grimoire in the water and ruin it. Surrounded by all the memories and comforts of her home, Fyroh can relax with ease knowing that no matter what else is in store, she and her egis can take it on!

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