I’ve been playing FFXIV for a few months now, and I’m happy to say that I’ve finally caught up to the most recent content patch, Soul Surrender!  However, as excited as I am to be able to play with some of my more experienced friends, I feel like I’m lacking direction.  I don’t really want to level any new classes yet (I just finished leveling this one), and I don’t have the experience or free time necessary to do savage raiding.  So here I am, caught up to the most recent patch, but without a clue what to do next. Abby, what’s my next step toward the endgame?


Endgame Aspirant



Here we are, almost a month after the most recent patch. The stories have been told. The robots have been slain. That catchy new primal song is stuck in everyone’s head. The freshness of Soul Surrender has begun to wear out.

Welcome to what we veterans like to call the “weekly grind.” Anyone who has been up-to-date with current content for a while is familiar with what that means. More dungeons to run, more goblins to kill, and everyone’s favorite city to clear. And that’s just the beginning! For long-time FFXIV fans, it’s back to the same old weekly grind they’ve been doing since the game came out. But for new players, the weekly reset can be daunting. So much to do, only a week to do it! Is it even possible to get it all done on time?

Fear not! It is possible–and easy–not to fall behind, and even make a little money while doing so. All it takes is a little planning, especially if you don’t have much time to play each day. The first and most important thing is to understand the difference between necessary content that you must do every week to keep your gear caught up and bonus content that you can skip without losing too much.

First, let’s start with the necessities.

Weeping City

I can already hear the groans through the page. The gear’s uncapped now! I don’t have enough time for this! Well hold on, dear adventurer! There’s still one beautiful thing left at the end of that dark tunnel: a little gem known as Mhachi Matter. Just by completing Weeping City once a week, you get one free Grade 5 Battle Materia of your choice. This will get you one free meld into your new armor, or a couple hundred thousand Gil on the market board. If you have extra time, try to pair this with a Void Ark run. Even if you don’t need the upgrade right now, the tokens will most likely become useful in 3.5 with the new 24-man. I would try to get this done as early in the week as possible.


The Creator

You’ll want to run each of these turns enough to get one drop from each per week. Even if you don’t need the gear on your main class, doing this every week will help keep your secondary classes playable going into the next patch or expansion. If you are not a raider, this is your main source of current gear outside of crafting and tomestones of scripture, so feel free to throw as much onto your main class as you’d like that will not be replaced any time soon by the aforementioned tomestones. If you have no idea what drops to take, the safest choices will typically be the Bolts, Springs, and Shafts. If you only have time for one turn per week, make sure that you clear A12. You can only receive one Alexandrian Gear drop per week and you’ll need 7 of them with 1,000 tomestones of scripture to obtain the scripture weapon, so make that a priority!

Scripture Cap

This is, ironically, the least of your worries for the week (even with its significance toward getting new gear). As long as you complete a minimum of 5 Expert roulettes per week, you will cap. That only involves less than one hour of play per day!


Now let’s look at the bonus content, or what I like to call “the idle time sink”:

Wondrous Tails

Unlike the scripture cap and Creator loot runs, Wondrous Tails is a weekly reset that you actually have 2 weeks to complete if you just don’t have the time. There is absolutely no reason to miss doing this within the 14-day time frame, but it should not be prioritized over the necessities if you’re running on a tight schedule. If you only care about completing the book by the deadline, then consider using your Second Chance Points to “retry” your level 60 dungeon entry before running your Expert roulette each day. If you don’t have Second Chance Points, then undersizing trials is a quick and (usually) pain-free method to fill in the extra stickers. You need 9 stickers in total, so even if you can only obtain one each day, you’ll be well on your way to filling the book before you can no longer turn it in (even though Khloe Aliapoh will have a new book to pick up on Tuesday, you can hold the previous week’s book until the next reset before picking up the new one). Even if you don’t want to focus on it, pick it up early, because your Weeping City and roulettes do count toward filling in your sticker entries.

Challenge Log

While this may be on a weekly reset, you are in no way obligated to complete it all in one week. However, if you can find a little bit of time each day to complete one or two challenges, you’ll have a bit of extra Gil, and potentially new squadron recruits. Some challenges, such as the Gold Saucer, can be done between queues while others, such as dungeons, will complete themselves naturally over the week. This is also a good way to level your secondary classes if you don’t want to dedicate too much extra time.

Red Scrip Cap

Now some people would disagree with me about this being an extra, but hear me out. If you are a new player who has just hit the weekly grind, you do not have to worry about red scrip capping just yet. Now, if you have 60 crafters/gatherers and are interested in becoming top tier, then you will want to move this to your essential tasks and cap by Thursday (because crafting and gathering scrips reset on a different day). However, it is possible to become a self-sufficient crafter or gatherer without capping red scrips every week, so don’t stress about this part unless you absolutely want to do so.

The Gold Saucer

I mentioned this in discussing the Challenge Log, but the Gold Saucer comes with it’s own host of daily and weekly things to do if you have spare time. Every day, you can pick up 3 Mini-Cactpot tickets for a chance at 30,000 MGP in just a few minutes. Every week, you can pick up 3 Jumbo Cactpot tickets which have a small chance to net you 1 million MGP on Saturdays. If you’re already doing a few of your Challenge Log entries in the Gold Saucer, there’s no reason not to pick these tickets up!


While technically not a weekly reset, it’s a good idea to keep track of your Squadron each day, even if it’s only for a couple training sessions. You may not climb the ranks as fast as those who can dedicate multiple hours to ensuring their Squadron’s success, but keeping your Squadron leveled will pay off in the future when new patches arrive, or if future Grand Company rankings require even higher Squadron levels. Try to start a training session as soon as you get online. That way, if you play for 2 hours, you can squeeze 1 more session in before sending them off on a big mission as you go to bed. As soon as you reach the level 40 and receive your new shiny rank, you can start sending your squad out on special level 40 missions once a week to give you extra boosts similar to Free Company buffs, so try to squeeze in at least once a week (Thanks Yelta!)


This falls into the same category as Squadrons. While not technically required to do anything at this point in time, leveling your retainers through ventures can pay off in the long run. A single level 60 battle class can earn you thousands of Gil in a few short hours if you send them for the right crafting materials (which may take a bit of research on your part). If you don’t want to monitor two things hourly, then send them off on the longer ventures. You never know what new gem they could bring back for you to sell!

There you have it! A basic guide to planning your FFXIV week. This is in no way all there is to do, and you may find yourself skipping some of the extras. But that’s okay! As long as you stick to the necessities to keep your character in shape for the coming patches, you can pick and choose whatever extras you’d like.

Good luck, and enjoy your road to the endgame!




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