I want to learn how to tank, but worry about letting others down. Which tank class is the easiest, and how do I avoid the fear of failure?


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First off, there is absolutely no reason to be afraid! Learning how to tank isn’t easy, but with some practice, you’ll do just fine. If you’re really concerned, find some friends and queue up with them! I’d recommend leveling with others you know anyway, as it makes the grind way less boring and stressful. For early levels, just pick whatever class sounds cool and go with it. Warrior and Paladin start at level 1. Dark Knight starts at level 30 and you must have Heavensward unlocked to use it. You will need to level Paladin to level 34 for both Provoke and Awareness regardless of which tank you choose.

As for which tank is the easiest, that’s up for debate, and it really depends on your own playstyle. The standard tank would be Paladin, which has very diverse cooldowns, tons of utility, and doesn’t lose much if you choose to remain in your tank stance (Shield Oath) versus your DPS stance (Sword Oath). However, its early levels (pre-40) are rather abysmal, and until you get that juicy Shield Oath, you may find yourself struggling to keep up. As for end game content, Paladin is the strongest mitigation-wise, and given priority in the main tank role.

Warrior and Dark Knight on the other hand, get their tank stance at 30, and have very little trouble holding aggro before then due to Overpower and Unleashed, respectively. However, as you hit 60, both classes require some level of stance dancing to succeed. While Paladin has a variety of better cooldowns, Warrior has a huge amount of HP, and depends more on self healing to stay alive with less mitigation. Dark Knight is more magic based, and has cooldowns specifically designed to counter said attacks. Both can be the main tank or the off tank, but Warrior in particular is usually dedicated to the off tank role.

Hopefully that gave you a little bit of insight! I’d recommend reading The Moogle Post’s own tank guide Last Bastion which, while focusing on Paladin, offers great advice for holding aggro, using provoke, and other tanking basics. Just remember! Don’t stress, have fun, and don’t let anyone tell you to do otherwise!



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