I decided enough was enough…

I was over the thrills and adrenaline from the haunted house horrors. It was time for something uplifting and fun, and boy did I find it! Blessed by the Twelve, I found this little haven was stashed away in Ward 3 of the Lavender Beds, Plot 52! Home to the FC “1 Percent HQ”, lead by Derpalai Fancypants, this fun house was exactly what I needed to calm my nerves and feel safe again.

Upon entering, I noted a very interesting couch off to the left which, at first glance, appeared to be just a puddle of slime. Overcome with curiosity (and some child-like desire) I immediately ran over to it and began jumping on it, half expecting to get stuck! I was instantly overcome with joy when I heard the very distinct squish squish squish sound it made with each jump, but there was another sound I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I would jump and the other sound would come through, but it would stop when I stopped… I jumped once more, determined as ever to figure out the source of the noise, and to my surprise, it didn’t stop with me this time! That notable noise was none other than the laughter of the little Lalafell owner, cleverly hidden among the shelves across the room!

I had been caught, and not by the slime like I expected! To my relief, Derpalai hopped on down, gave me a big hug and proceeded to take hold of my hand and guide me on a tour of this bright and colorful oasis I had stumbled upon. Finally taking a moment to let it all sink in, I glanced slowly around the room and noted all of the lush plants, beautiful and shiny objects and the magnificent Moogle wallpaper. One simply could not help but let a smile escape in this abode!

Proceeding downstairs, we were greeted with a rug that was very similar to the couch, squish squish and all! Letting my childish side take over me yet again, we jumped and giggled while the rug squished under our feet. I felt light as a feather! All that jumping made us hungry, so we decided to take a break from the tour and sit down. I even got to enjoy a nice, home-cooked meal! Quite the hostess I had found! We chatted over Ishgardian Tea before moving on to the Story Telling area, where Derpalai told me a fantastic tale about the Great King Moogle Mog! Derpalai was so animated throughout the story that I was completely enthralled by the tale, from start to finish! She even welcomed me back any time to tell my own tales, an offer I shall certainly take up in the future.

After the story was over, we moved on to the vanity area and did each other’s makeovers! Hair, make-up, nails… nothing escaped our glamour endeavor! After dolling ourselves up, Derpalai must have noticed how all of this excitement had worn me down, and promptly showed me the sleeping quarters that were reserved for friends. The sleeping quarters were, like the rest of the house, comfy and soothing. Sleep came easily and quickly as soon as my head hit the pillow! A full night’s rest for the first time in many weeks was just what I needed. I awoke a few hours later and was pointed in the direction of the FC bathroom where I took a very relaxing shower, surrounded by beautiful pink and purple wallpaper, very much resembling an oasis. A short dip in the hot tub to relax my muscles and I was more than ready to kick start my next adventure! This was, without a doubt, the most fun I have had in quite some time, I wonder where I will find myself next…














For more photos of the fun sized Derpalai’s Fun House, please visit http://imgur.com/a/O85b2!


Will your house, apartment or FC room be the next place I stumble upon in my adventure exploring Eorzea? Send me an e-mail at serenafief@gmail.com today with screenshots (or Imgur link), a brief description of your home and server info! Or maybe you want some decor tips and tricks? Let me know what you’re interested in hearing about!

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