Patch 3.5 – The Far Edge of Fate isn’t all that far away now…


…and with less than a week to go, you may be wondering if you have done everything you can to be ready for it’s arrival. It took us Moogles a little while to get our poms in order (untangled really, you think we could assign a traffic controller here?), but here is our list of 10 Things To Do Before 3.5 hits on January 17th!


1.Cap out on your currencies.

While it may not be a bad idea to do so for gathering and crafting related scrips in anticipation for the new tools featured in the 3.5 trailer, you definitely want to have your battle currencies pushed up as high as you can before the patch drops. Every little bit helps.

  • You may also want to consider capping out on PvP currencies and stocking up on Manderville Gold Saucer Points in order to prepare for the upcoming GARO x FFXIV collaboration event.

2. Finish up those Beast Tribe quests, or at least get a good head start on them.

From the preview in the 3.5 trailer, it appears as though we’re getting something similar to ARR’s Allied Beast Tribe quest line. If it works the same way, you’ll want to have the following pushed to completion in order to acquire the Heavensward variation:

  • Vanu Vanu in Ok’ Gundu Nakki in the Sea of Clouds.
  • The Vath in Loth ast Vath in the Dravanian Forelands.
  • The Moogles in Bahrr Lehs in The Churning Mists.


3. Get caught up on specific quest chains.

With as few spoilers as possible, these are the ones you should focus on:

  • Main Scenario Quest: The last quest you should have completed to be caught up is titled “An Ending to Mark a New Beginning.”
  • The Warring Triad Side Quests: The last quest you should have completed to be caught up is titled “A Deific Simulacrum” from Unukalhai in the Rising Stones. Theoretically this will allow you to pick up the latest quest line for Containment Bay Z1T9.
  • The Shadow of Mhach quest line, which gives you access to the 24-man raids in Heavensward. The last quest you should have completed to be caught up is called “Freedom for Our Skies “and can be given by Leofard in the Sea of Clouds.
  • Scholasticate Side Quests: The last quest you should have completed to be caught up is titled “Finding Ulaa”, with Briardien as the issuing NPC at the Pillars in Idyllshire.
  • Hildibrand Side Quests: The last quest you should have completed to be caught up is titled “Don’t Trust Anyone over Sixty” and can be picked up from Hildibrand in Idyllshire.

4. Get caught up on your Anima weapon(s).

The latest stage in developing it is arriving quickly with 3.5, so you’ll want to finish gathering those singing clusters. Once you’ve completed the “Future Proof” quest, you should be good.

5. Farm out the current extreme primals for the lanner whistles they drop.

As with ARR, there will be an exclusive mount for collecting all of the birds. While you can’t collect them all ahead of time (as there will likely be one from the next eikon of The Warring Triad), you can get a head start on the ones already available. You can find each of the whistles from the following:

  • White Lanner Whistle from The Limitless Blue (Extreme)
  • Rose Lanner Whistle from Thok Ast Thok (Extreme)
  • Round Lanner Whistle from The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign
  • Warring Lanner Whistle from Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme)
  • Dark Lanner Whistle from The Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage
  • Sophic Lanner Whistle from Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme)

6. Catch up on your sightseeing log.

There will be new housing furnishings (paintings!) that are related to it and some of the spots require conditions that aren’t easily achieved. You may have to set aside some time and camp out a spot.


7. Now would be a good time to stock up on crafting mats and materia for the new gear.

The prices of both will most definitely skyrocket the first couple weeks of the patch.

  • Free Companies will want to make sure they have enough materials set aside to purchase the new Paissa Housing Skin workshop recipe.
  • You may also want to gather up your old Weeping City gear drops and get ready to exchange those for Grand Company seals.


8. They will be removing Diadem

so this will be the last time to gather certain items the way you’re already familiar with until the new changes are implemented in 3.5x. Plus, there’s the gear there that can exchanged for spoils which can be exchanged for even greater rewards. Anyway, a weekend getaway to Jurassic Park to curb your nostalgia isn’t a bad way to kill some time before the patch drops. (source:


9. Pimp out your chocobo.

Collect bardings, dye their feathers, and shove them full of Krakka Root. While it’ll be impossible to get them a high enough rank before patch hits, the restrictions being lifted will make them a nice quality of life addition to the game. You’ll be able to queue up in Duty Finder with your bird out and bring them along to hunt parties, so get ready to rock out with your cock out.

10. Get your fight on.

There will be a new map available for The Feast, which is fun, and the new GARO x FFXIV collaboration will introduce hot new PvP gear, but the really big news for PvP enthusiasts is that the annoying Grand Company restrictions will FINALLY be removed from Frontlines! This long-requested change means that not only will Frontlines queues be drastically shorter, but now you can finally enjoy some Frontlines fun with your friends, regardless of their GC affiliation.  They will also be adding in a couple of level sync options, allowing for a more fair fight gear wise! There’s never been a better time to learn how to utilize your PvP actions (you have skills you can only access in PvP under your Actions & Traits, check them out) and familiarize yourself with how Frontlines work.

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