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Today we talk about priorities. How do we balance our lives with our games? As I sit here, I am clashing with the impending doom of my own responsibilities. Two of my nieces are over for the afternoon to spend time with my kids. That makes 6 humans between the ages of 6 and 15 in my house. Sweet Altana, the noise! We have tried everything to get these kids to settle down; games, tv, coloring, tablets, charades, virtual frickin reality. We literally let the kids travel to outer space and throw the planets around, but nothing is working. So far the only things they have wanted to do are act like animals, give each other pony rides at breakneck speed, argue over rules and boss each other around. Just another day in my house! Now it is 8:45 at night and I have spent exactly one hour on the computer today. This afternoon I managed to squeeze in a leveling roulette with 3 pretty awesome friends who sped through it in the 35 minutes I had from when we started until I needed to leave to go to a funeral. When I got home from said funeral, I managed another 20 minutes of crafting collectibles before the noise became too much and I had to hide.  As I take a few moments to type this, though, my husband is finishing making dinner. I keep screaming “FEED THE CHILDREN” to my husband, but all he is doing is asking what he is supposed to feed them to? *sigh*

So overall a wholly unproductive day. That seems to be the norm for me lately. I wake up with all the plans of a normal adult, but they quickly go by the wayside as I lose myself to the repetitive daily grind. Tomorrow, for instance, I have every intention of waking up, getting the kids off to school with a healthy breakfast, starting some laundry, working out, working on painting the kids’ bedroom, doing some dishes, folding laundry from let’s not say how many weeks ago, going to a doctor’s appointment and digging out some paperwork my husband needs. The reality is it will be more like this:

Step 1:  Wake up, yell at kids to get up, remind them to eat something but don’t actually check if they do, take kids to school.

Step 2: Drive around catching Pokemon for like 20 minutes

Step 3: Come home, look at the treadmill and decide I don’t want to try to fit a shower into my day also so skip the workout.

Step 4: Start Laundry? Unless there’s a load I forgot in there from a day or two ago, then restart THAT one on the super anti-mold silver cycle.

Step 5: Come upstairs already tired, look around for easy-to-reheat food, decide it isn’t worth the effort and sit down at computer.

Step 6: Log into FFXIV..

Step 7: Look at clock, realize it is almost time to pick up kids from school and I have done absolutely jack that I intended to.

Step 8: Panic.

Step 9: Pick up kids from school, scream about homework, madly dash around looking for stuff for husband and fold a few things so it LOOKS like I was busy all day.

Step 10: Feel guilty and make a nice dinner. Or more FFXIV and chicken nuggets. Depends on the day.


Maybe I’m not doing this right?

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