For those of you who didn’t know (or maybe you do), [BrainScratch][Comms] – [BSC] has its very own FC on Final Fantasy XIV!

Located on the Diabolos server, I’ve personally had the pleasure of participating in events put on by their group. This month, I talked with BSC’s FC leader Fenix Down to chat about what BSC is, where they’ve come from, and where they’re going!

How did the FC start, and what is BrainScratch Commentaries?

BrainScratch Commentaries is a YouTube channel that does gaming commentary and anything entertaining with gaming. The BrainScratch Free Company was something created out of one of the members of BrainScratch Comms (SomecallmeJohnny) as he wanted to create a FC for fans of BSC. In the end, I took the idea and literally ran with it and here we are now.

So how closely tied is the fan FC to BSC?

A small bit, to still be called BrainScratch, but it’s also started to create its own identity beyond them and their fanbase. We have started to attract the attention of members of the Diabolos community and FFXIV community. We plan on being a FC that expands itself out of all the community to make it a fun and entertaining experience.

You guys have been putting on community events. Recently I’ve been in the Primal and PvP events. Have you done other events in the past?

One of the big things we have done and I personally hope to resume and expand on was creating a Festival of the Hunt Server event, related to the B rank hunts that are all around the game. Based on FFIX’s Festival of the Hunt, people would hunt B ranks for points and, in the end, see who has the highest score to win a big prize. I hope this year to expand on this idea and maybe make it server wide with the help of the rest of the Diabolos community.

I truly hope to see that, it sounds like a lot of fun! Speaking of FFIX, you’re based on the same server as we are with A Stage Reborn. What kind of collaborations do you have in mind, if any?

Other than the Festival of the Hunt, we have a lot of ideas we would pitch for possible future events and maybe assist with planned events with A Stage Reborn in the coming year. We also have a Panel at Too Many Games 2017, as well as possibly having SE community representatives there with their own booth and possibly some of us FC members assisting in that event.

So we know so far you’re hoping to do a Festival of the Hunt event. What other in-game events (either impromptu or recurring) are you considering?

Maybe a Glamour Fashion show for one, maybe some solo Deep Dungeon competitions as well? I’d have to get back to my PR team since they are brewing up a lot of ideas.

Speaking of teams, BSC is a pretty large FC right? Although it‘s starting to become more prevalent, running community events still seems to be an oddity in MMOs and isn’t usually the selling point for recruiting. How have these events impacted membership attraction?

A good chunk of the attraction has been our live streams and recordings. It’s nice to have a famous YouTuber who helps promote the FC. The community events have been an attraction to show how active of an FC we are and with the recent addition of Cross-World Party Finder, people want to now find a fun FC to do stuff with while still doing heavy endgame raiding with friends on the same data center.

How does one find out about upcoming events? Do you have a website, social media, etc.?

We have a few ways to look us up, like at our main page We also have a twitter @BSCFCXIV. Looking at officially doing a Facebook page soon with the PR team.

So outside of community events, for those thinking about joining the FC, are there any perks to being a FC member, such as FC exclusive events?

Being able to participate in live streams and a load of other FC events we host. We have some exclusive FC events during certain times of the year, for example, we have a holiday raffle that our workshop team host around Christmas time. We have a lot in store for our FC members that the game can provide for us to do and then some.

Awesome! So who can people reach out to in-game on Diabolos if they have questions or want to join (be it for an event or even joining the FC itself)?

Myself (Fenix Down), Johnny (Jehanne Betancurth), Soulless Moon, Reshiger (Maya Cynkader), or any of the members with the <<BSC>> logo on their name and looking at the company profile. Recruitment is always open.

Well that about sums it up! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to say to a lot of my current members, thank you for making this FC what it is today. I never expected this FC to take off with this kind of force. It’s truly amazing to see all this happen and what’s going to happen in the near future. I hope that more good things come out of this and we can share it with all of Diabolos and the FFXIV community as a whole.

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