Oldbear Stormborn
Editor in Chief
Midlander heartthrob and Warrior extraordinaire Oldbear Stormborn is the creator and Editor-in-chief of The Moogle Post. He spends his limitless free time working on creative projects and running laps in the Mist on his home server of Adamantoise.
Amparro Jhida
A ridiculously gorgeous foe hoe, this mediocre bard is also a TMP editor and future captain of the moogle boat. When she's not busy trying to instill her German efficiency in other TMP members, she can be found tending to her fellow Front Positional FC mates over on Lich.
Serena Storm
Raid Mom to the Warriors of Snarkness, Serena is also an Editor and the organizing genius of TMP. Rather than sleeping, she spends her time writing, teaching old bears new tricks, crafting for her raid group and searching for needles in haystacks.