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As one of the highest single-target DPS in the game, we offer a lot of DPS carrying in a raid setting, but we’re only most effective when we’re allowed to stand still and unleash our wombo combos of Fire IVs. Since dpsing like a turret isn’t always possible, here are some tips and tricks to help you minimize movements and maximize DPS while handling mechanics correctly. With enough practice, you will be topping FFlogs charts in no time!


1. Test out the closest distance at which the boss aggros, for pre-positioning purposes, and science.

2. Test out different ENOCHIAN rotations throughout the learning phase to optimize ENOCHIAN usages and uptime. Be consistent after you have established a rotation!

3. Refresh ENOCHIAN for a third time for that extra bit of uptime if necessary to complete a phase.

4. It is generally a good rule of thumb to start a phase with ENOCHIAN ready to be casted.

5. If an AoE lands on you, get hit by it to see if it one-shots you. If it doesn’t, dodging it is optional.

6. Just because a cooldown is up doesn’t mean you have to use it right away, wait until you can utilize it to its fullest potential. For example, you should not be leaving your LEY LINES unoccupied for more than a couple of seconds.




1. If the tank moves the boss out of your cast range, make them apologize for it.

2. If you’re too far from the DRG and didn’t get BATTLE LITANY, make them adjust to you.

3. If an add is about to die, switch target – let the melee peasants finish it. Can‘t be wasting a precious FIRE IV on an add with 1k HP left.

4. If you‘re at maximum range and die because heals couldn‘t reach you, it’s the healer‘s fault

5. If there are multiple adds, make sure to use AoE rotation to pad those numbers, even if there is supposed to be a priority target.

6. If a DPS kills the add that you are casting BLIZZARD IV on and interrupts it, yell at said DPS, then yell at them some more.

7. If the tank moves the boss to your flank/rear too fast without warning and interrupts your cast, slap the tank and complain about it for the rest of the pull.

8. If you run with a BRD, he/ she is your FOES bitch. Make sure to demand for FOES (and BATTLE VOICE) during a DPS phase, your numbers come first, MP for healers is second priority.

9. If you got a SUPER slow mana tick and made you lose ENOCHIAN because of it, curse at Yoshi-P. Or try the 284 Piety builds to help get around that. 

10. Make sure to let the party know of any badass FIRE IV crits.



1. Any and all small adjustments in positioning should be slide-casted, obviously.

2. Anticipate mechanics by slowly slide-casting to wherever you need to be. Know the fight very well, KNOWLEDGE IS DPS!

3. Play as if your character is crippled and can move only 2 steps every so often, you should be moving only as much as it is needed to dodge something.

4. If there are stacking mechanics that force you to leave your LEY LINES, don‘t stack (e.g. A5S’s Gobcut aka Dragon’s Rage marker.)

5. If there is a mechanic which requires spreading, stand still and let your party members spread away from you instead (e.g. Thordan’s lightning.)

6. Cast interruptions should not occur often, at most a couple of times in any fight.If you find yourself interrupting a lot of casts, try positioning yourself better. Finish your cast before doing mechanics – you shouldn’t be interrupting your cast 2 seconds in. This will give people heart attacks, but it‘s a good way to assert dominance.

7. AETHERIAL MANIPULATION is your best friend. USE IT. If clicking on a pet by accident causes a failed/delayed teleport, yell at said pet‘s owner.

8. SCATHE if you have to move for longer than one GCD.

9. SPRINT if you must run to a far away location (remember to Scathe while doing so!)

10. Always suggest strategies where it requires the least amount of movement from you, even if it means forcing 7 other people to move or having yourself perform the mechanic in a drastically different way (e.g. First phase of A6S’s Vortexer or A7S’s MerryGo-Round.)

11. Stand at one edge of your LEY LINES to bait an AoE and dodge to the other side – this way you never leave your LEY LINES (e.g. Sephirot’s pillars.)

12. Use FIRESTARTER and THUNDERCLOUD procs to serve as times when you can move freely.

13. Use SWIFTCAST FIRE IV or BLIZZARD IV for clutchy situations.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, BLMs can do mechanics very well! We just need to die to mechanics a couple of times before making adjustments for subsequent pulls.


1. You should ALWAYS BE CASTING SOMETHING (this means while performing mechanics, too.)

2. Every step you take should be thought out and reasoned for. Always find ways to minimize excessive movement, whether it be through AETHERIAL MANIPULATION, Sprint, or pre-positioning.

3. Fast target switching allows for uninterrupted casting, so practice it (e.g. A6S’s Brawler adds.)

4. THUNDER does more than you think. Try to keep it up as much as possible by casting it right after BLIZZARD III, even with a fast MP tick.

5. If you’re expecting to get hit by something that will interrupt your cast, use MANAWARD/WALL to mitigate the damage so it won’t (e.g. A7S’s Bombs/adds.)
6. Losing ENOCHIAN should be rare, and if you do, you probably made a big mistake. It’s not worth casting an extra FIRE IV if you lose ENOCHIAN in the process – don’t be afraid to switch to UMBRAL ICE early.

7. Whenever possible, use the 30-second ENOCHIAN, LEY LINES, RAGING STRIKES, CONVERT, FOES w/ BATTLE VOICE, and an INT pot in conjunction for maximum effectiveness!

8. When returning to an ASTRAL FIRE phase, be very good at predicting your second MP tick. You should be
timing your FIRE III so that the MP tick happens about halfway into the cast.

9. Don’t waste your ENOCHIAN durations for no reason. You should ideally never start an Astral Fire phase with just one tick worth of MP unless you are certain ENOCHIAN will run out soon (which normally shouldn’t anyway) and can be recasted, or if the phase/fight is about to end.

10. ENOCHIAN usages should be strictly controlled in any particular fight in order to maximize uptime. Learn to plan these out. You shouldn’t be doing your 2.0 rotation for more than 15 seconds in any fight, provided it wasn’t a death that caused you to lose ENOCHIAN.

11. Don’t try to be fancy and use SHARPCAST in the middle of your fire rotation, stick with using it with ENOCHIAN.

12. Whenever mechanics force you to be unable to engage with the boss/adds for an extended period of time, put a THUNDER on them beforehand (e.g. A5S’s Boost.)

13. Using SHARPCAST THUNDER is a good idea for double-dotting two adds, with the extra bonus of doubling the chance for THUNDERCLOUD PROCS.

14. Don’t rely on SWIFTCAST to make up for your laziness to try to optimize positioning. SWIFTCAST usages should either be planned out beforehand or be used for emergencies.

15. Finishing a phase/add with BLIZZARD III allows you to quickly start the next phase/add with FIRE III and full MP (e.g. transitioning into A6S’s Brawler adds phase.)

16. Hard-casting FIRE III or BLIZZARD III should be avoided. Instead, use either SWIFTCAST or SHARPCAST, or refer to above tip.

17. Be smart about using TRANSPOSE. I’m not sure why but I see a lot of BLMs use TRANSPOSE randomly and unnecessarily. Just don’t. Pretend that you lose 100 DPS every time you press that button in the middle of rotations.


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