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In patch 3.55a, players were introduced to a new and unique feature called Custom Deliveries. This piece of content is specifically aimed towards crafters and gatherers. The idea of Custom Deliveries is to complete deliveries and increase the satisfaction levels of certain NPC’s, or in this case “clients.” By increasing the satisfaction level of an NPC, players will be able to learn more about their clients while receiving rewards from deliveries and raising the client’s satisfaction. In order to begin Custom Deliveries, players must first accept and complete the quest Arms Wide Open (Idyllshire X:5.8 Y:7.0) given by Geimlona, which requires the quest “Go West, Craftsman” to be completed. Once that quest is completed, players will gain access to Custom Deliveries with the only NPC available as of patch 3.55a, Zhloe Aliapoh.

How to Begin Custom Deliveries

In order to begin Custom Deliveries, players need to first speak with the client that is requesting items for the current week. Up to 6 items can be turned in each week, and the week resets on Thursdays at 12:00am PST.  Zhloe is the only NPC available at the moment and she gives you an option for each DoH/DoL profession, the first entry being a crafted item, second being an item gathered by Miner or Botanist, and the last item being an item gathered by Fisher. To the right of each item shows the minimum collectability required and the quantity (Qty.) currently in your inventory. The entry on the bottom of the list goes more in depth as to what levels of collectability are available for better rewards. Lastly and most importantly, at the top is the name of the current client and their satisfaction level. Hovering over the satisfaction bar will tell the player their current progress (ex. 0/90 for rank 1). Underneath the satisfaction bar is the client’s current satisfaction level. Increasing the satisfaction level will increase the total amount of satisfaction experience needed per rank, while also providing extra rewards each time the next satisfaction level is achieved.



For crafters, these items are located in a new tab in the Crafting log called “Custom Deliveries”, and to obtain the base materials needed to craft, players will need to speak to the Scrap Salvager in Freewalks Roundspot (Idyllshire X:5.9 Y: 7.2). Here the Scrap Salvager sells all the base materials needed to craft specific items that are only used for Custom Deliveries. Once the base materials are obtained, they are used to craft the items that will be delivered to Zhloe. Collectability must be taken into account, since Zhloe will only accept collectable items, so the final item must be crafted with the use of Collectible Synthesis. While there was quite a bit of recipes added for Custom Deliveries, only 5 of those items are able to be turned into Zhloe. The difficulty range for each craft is from level 57 items all the way up to 1-star level 60 items, so those who are able to do 4-star crafts at level 60 will have a huge advantage and much ease with getting these items up to max collectability.



Gatherers in general are not as complex as crafters in terms of retrieving items to deliver to Zhloe. There have been 5 items added in the gathering log, which can be gathered by both Miner and Botanist. Just like the crafted items, these items must also take collectibility into account, so the use of Collector’s Glove is mandatory. The difficulty range for each item is from level 57 items all the way up to 1-star level 60 items, so those who have more experience with the Collectable System will have an easier time with achieving higher collectibility on items.  Fishers also received their own 5 items within the fishing log that can be requested for delivery. Fish locations are provided when viewing the Custom Deliveries list. Simply select the requested item to view its item description.


The rewards for each delivery include gil, blue crafting/gathering scrips, and red crafting/gathering scrips, depending on which item is delivered. The quantity of each is shown at the bottom when an item is hovered over, and the amounts increase the higher collectibility an item has. The satisfaction level experience, however, remains the same across all 3 tiers of collectibility. There is also rewards after increasing  the clients satisfaction rank in the form of Crafting/Gathering materia V, crafting/gathering food, and an increase in the amount of scrips received per turn-in at each rank.


Overall, with this first installment of Custom Deliveries, it is mainly meant as a more casual way to get crafting/gathering scrips and a way for crafters and gatherers to catch up on increasing their stats with the materia received after increasing the satisfaction of Zhloe. Along with this players are able to learn more about Zhloe Aliapoh story as her satisfaction increases.

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