The timer starts as soon as the gate opens and 5 to 10 seconds after this the weather will change to Hyperelectricity. Players can enter the gate until the boss is set loose.

Here’s what you should do if you want to win:

Call parties for ICE, WIND, LIGHTNING and MIDDLE.

• The most confident party with good dps should take ICE.

• Anybody who is unassigned should help burn ICE, especially the Wails.

• After ICE dies, kill the hounds or help whoever is struggling.


• It does AoE damage that seems to have a limit to the total number of players it can hit, so ranged may avoid damage by standing at the back in a big group.

• After its death, 4 teleporters appear. Click the one your party is assigned.


• Black/purple sprite adds (Woes): They approach the center pillar and attempt to kill it. Very slow and low priority unless actually near the middle.

• Legatus automatically aggros after about 20 seconds, do NOT spend time in middle before getting in position to deal with it.

• Parties should quickly stack inside the room near the tank to deal with mechanics.

• Legatus need to be kept out of the middle because their adds spawn near them and once those start showing up outside the room it is hard to recover.


• Ice sprite adds (Wails): Explode after 10 seconds. Party being hit with two is a wipe. These are top priority to kill.

• Exploding ice sprites is a common way to wipe, kill them fast.

• Huge cone AoE aimed at a random person and often gets baited towards the narrow entrance leaving nowhere to dodge. Party should stack inside the room near the tank to avoid this.

• Gaze attack that freezes occurs after 2-3 sets of wails. This gaze may happen during a set of wails, so be prepared to position with your back to the boss, facing the Wails, or you’ll have trouble killing them in time..


• Lightning sprite adds (Warmths): Huge donut AoE with small safe spot centered on the Warmth. Kill it fast or you’ll have to deal with the boss and add doing this at the same time, leaving no safe spot.

• Donut AoE with slightly bigger safe spot than the adds have. You can move the boss on top of a warmth so the safe spots overlap.

• Random lightning marks on players, which deal splash damage. Do not overlap.


• No adds! (Why?)

• Stack mechanic to soak damage

• Casts TWISTER, similar to T5 twisters. Explodes for a one-shot and splash damage under random players at the end of cast. Spread out and be moving until the cast finishes, preferably in a C shape so you don’t cross the path of other players.


• If the crystal in the middle dies, the boss appears. It is a wipe if all the legatus crystals are still alive.

• 2 hounds periodically give everybody near them a stack of bleed.

• Hounds are low priority, they can be just tanked and healed through until the dangerous ICE legatus is dead.

• Focus any black sprites (Woes) that are getting close.


• Random cone AoE damage to heal through.

• Annoying fire adds that hit really hard, you should tank and burn them.

• Pads on the floor light up and need 6+ people stacking in them to light their flame. Once lit, people can move and help another.

• Don’t let him kill that one black mage if the tank dies.

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