Diadem is back, ladies and gents! After concluding that the original Diadem needed some reworking, SE removed it from the game and made some tweaks. Some of these adjustments have been met favorably, while others… not so much.

What is Diadem?

Diadem is a collection of floating isles that can only be reached via airships. These isles are ripe for exploration, FATE grinding, gathering and other assigned objectives which provide rewards upon completion. As Diadem is comprised of floating isles, you will need to bring along your favorite flying mount. Perhaps the best change that was made was the removal of the need to unlock aether currents to be able to fly, now you can fly right off the bat!

How do you get there?

You are able to queue up via your Free Company workshop with at least 2 and up to 24 people (3 parties of 8). Be sure to speak to Mammet Voyager #004A in the workshop to purchase your green tank of mission ceruleum. There are no party composition requirements in place when entering via a workshop, but all members must be present inside the workshop with their tanks in their possession.

If FC airships are out of the question for you, you are able to utilize an Ishghardian ship alone or with up to 8 people. Each member of the party must speak to Jaquoinie (Ishgard, The Pillars – Athenaeum Astrologicum Aethernet Shard, X: 14.6 Y: 11.0) to purchase a mission ceruleum voucher for 700 gil. There are no party composition requirements in place when entering as a full party. Standard party composition (1 tank, 2 healers, 5 DPS) will be required when queueing up with less players.

No matter which option you choose, you must wait a total of 30 minutes since your last entry to The Diadem.

Which Diadem is for me?

As one of the changes, there are now two different missions available for Diadem; Trials of the Fury and Trials of the Matron.

Trials of the Fury: This trial was designed for those who want to battle and complete the FATEs within Diadem. To take on this mission, you must queue as a level 60 Disciple of War or Magic with an average item level of at least 220.

Trials of the Matron: This trial was designed for those who want to take Diadem a little less seriously and spend their time gathering the various items around the isles. A lot of items which are only found on timed nodes outside of the Diadem can be found on normal nodes. Despite the fact that this mission is meant for gatherers, you must queue in as a level 60 Disciple of War or Magic with an average item level of at least 179. There are no party composition requirements, regardless of where you queue.

What are these Mission Objectives?

Mission Objectives are essentially quests that your party will need to complete before your time in Diadem runs out if you want the rewards it provides in the form of lockboxes, which are then “picked” by a picker of locks to obtain a variety of items. These objectives are different for each type of mission.

Trials of the Fury: The Mission Objectives within this mission consists of three phases, each containing a primary and a secondary objective. The primary objectives will require you to visit a specific location shown on your map and complete the mission described in your Duty List. The secondary objective requires you to travel around, completing one FATE after another until your evaluation gauge in your Duty List has filled. Once the overall Mission Objective has been completed, you will then gain access to all aetherial gaps, which grant you passage to other areas that were previously inaccessible. Unlocking this gap will be important if you desire to battle stronger enemies, including some of the bigger boss FATEs.

Trials of the Matron: The Mission Objectives within this mission are a bit different in that you are required to explore rather than camp out the isles for FATEs. This mission is also comprised of three phases, each completed through the completing of FATEs and gathering while exploring the isles and filling the evaluation guage in the Duty List.

The weather changed to Hyperelectricity! What‘s going on?!?

This indicates the spawning of the Emergency Mission, one of the main reasons to even enter the Diadem. The spawning of one also increases the current mission timer. This mission grants you a very small chance at obtaining a random i280 weapon. This is completely separate from your Mission Objectives and will not add to your evaluation guage. The vast majority of the members that enter into Diadem in a premade party will simply be after the Emergency Mission, and will thus stand afk by the entrance until it spawns while entertaining themselves with Netflix.

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