Shirogane, a new housing district within Kugane, is finally opening its doors- be prepared! The most important thing you need to know to prosper in an Eorzean economy is to be prepared and think ahead. With Shirogane, that means knowing what’s coming and what people are going to want before the demand rises.

You want to be one of the ones selling to people the day it’s released, not one of the ones struggling to buy foroutrageous prices!

With seven hundred and twenty new housing plots in a Far Eastern style, there are endless possibilities to keep your sack of Gil overflowing. Housing plots are a hot commodity across Eorzea, so now is the absolute best time to land your first ever house or maybe even upgrade to a mansion! People will also be demolishing their spots elsewhere, so keep your eyes peeled in The Mists, The Lavender Beds, and The Goblet if you’re partial to any of those themes.

This is also a time for crafters to rejoice – with 720 houses needing to be decorated there is surely Gil to be made! Luckily for us, this is perfect for people without fully melded gear as you don’t need to HQ housing items- all you need to do is be able to craft it. There are four main types of housing items you should be watching out for; essentials, limited supply, popular choices, and gardens.


Starting off, let’s take a look at the essentials. These are things that are likely found in every single house across Eorzea. You can expect every single one of these items to skyrocket in price. Everyone is going to want: Summoning Bell, Moogle Letter Box, Miniature Aetheryte, Orchestrion, Crystal Bell, Armoire and a Company Chest. Take a look at your market boards, as of now there is just a handful of each of these up, imagine the rush of people all realizing they need these things once their house is secured – there are nowhere near enough up for a number of people buying. It’s an excellent idea to stock up on all of these to resell. This is another great opportunity for fledgling crafters, as these are simple recipes!

Limited supply

Next up, there are things in limited supply. If you’re a gambler at heart, this section is for you. The majority of the base items used to craft these housing pieces are frustrating, if not impossible, to obtain. Most of these are from exploration missions through retainers or your Free Company’s Airship, which not everyone has access to. These missions take days to complete, and the drops are almost entirely random. There will be a ton of airships added to the ecosystem with Shirogane, but it will not be in time for the housing rush, so the only option left is the market boards. There are too many to list, but some popular ones are Young Water Lily, Oriental Grass Tuft, Shrub Seedling, Lupin Seedling, Dinosaur Fossil and much more. These are all the base items for popular decorations. Check out what these things make and invest in them early if you plan on selling or using any of them yourself!

Popular choices

Third, we have popular choices among Eorzeans. These are things that aren’t essential or in limited supply, but are likely to sell often enough to make a decent profit. This is the hardest section to predict because we have not seen what will go well with Shirogane’s atmosphere yet – it’s also possible that new Far Eastern themed items are released. You can expect things like aquariums, bathtubs, beds, lanterns, picture frames, orchestrion rolls, couches and other everyday household items to sell like hotcakes. It’s hard to say specifics, but I would place bets that Tier 4 Aquariums, Grade 3 Picture Frames, Oriental Bathtub and South Seas Couch will be in high demand. There are also newly added recipes, and likely more to come, that seems to be designed for Shirogane’s style, things like Oriental Pipe Box, Oriental Dressing Case, and Doman Partition. Overall this section has a lot of opportunities but a lot of legwork in research and supplies.


Finally, the wonderful world of gardening. Gardening is an incredibly complex and confusing minigame within your housing plots. It’s challenging to narrow down specifics, but we can take a look at the fundamental economic changes that these new housing plots will have. Theoretically, we can expect the price of base materials like Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil and seeds used for crossbreeding to be in incredibly high demand throughout the initial weeks as people experiment. We can expect finished goods to remain at their current price, eventually dropping approximately a month in as the new gardens start to become harvestable. Overall for gardening, this should lead to a decline in the price of Thavnairian Onions, Blood Peppers, and many other hot gardening commodities. If you’re looking for something safe to garden, Jute is likely a great option! It’s used for some popular rugs and a minion, so it should hold its value.

Endless Opportunities in Shirogane

As I said earlier: there are endless opportunities coming with the release of Shirogane. If you’re looking for a place to call home or if you’d rather just profit on the whole situation, there’s a variety of different ways to prepare yourself. I hope this nudged you in the right direction and I wish everyone luck on claiming a house for themselves!

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