Eorzea Incognita Winner! (x2)

Before we announce the winners, there’s a few things that need to be cleared up. The Eorzea Incognita contest was never intended to be a traditional “screenshot contest”, with a winner chosen based on the quality of the screenshot they submitted. In fact, because we had done a screenshot contest the month before, we specifically designed the Eorzea Incognita contest to be something all TMP fans could participate in, regardless of the quality of their video cards or their skill with using /gpose. The idea was simple: solve a cute little riddle, snap a quick pic of your character doing a specific emote in the correct location as proof, and you’d have a chance to win! We planned to pick a submission at random, verify the location in their screenshot, and then announce them as the winner.

Only that’s not how things worked out. At all. When we announced the winner on Twitter we included the following pic of the location described in the riddle, simply to provide some visual accompaniment to the announcement, and in case anyone was unsure what the correct location was:

Shortly after making the announcement a question was Tweeted to us, wanting to know how this was the winning screenshot when there’s no character anywhere in the picture. We tried to explain that this WASN’T the winning screenshot, simply a picture of the location described in the riddle. Well, Twitter only gives you 140 characters to work with, so it wasn’t easy to explain clearly that the “winning” picture was selected randomly, and we had no intention of publishing the screenshot of the winners cluttered, chat log, gil balance, etc. When a second participant expressed that they, too, were under the impression it was a traditional screenshot contest, we decided to look into it a little further.

We reviewed all 108 submissions (ignoring a few that didn’t attach any screenshot), and quickly realized that although many were what we had expected – artless, simple confirmation that they found the requested spot, many with UIs still showing – there WERE a number of people who had clearly put some serious effort in to getting a good looking screenshot to submit. Roughly one third of the submissions, in fact.

If you know anything about The Moogle Post you know that we do a LOT of generous giveaways. We do them because we like giving back to our fans, we like to encourage participation, and we like making people happy. I (Oldbear) haven’t even per-ordered my own copy of Stormblood yet, yet TMP has been giving away 4 Digital Collector’s Edition copies a month since January to our loyal fans.

So how did we react when we realized our giveaway had resulted in such confusion? We decided we needed to make it right, and decided to give away an additional DCE pre-order code. Since some people had submitted the simple confirmation shots we had expected, and other’s had taken the time to submit their best quality screenshots, the only fair solution was to give two prizes – one chosen randomly, and the other selected based on quality. That way everyone would be happy, regardless of how they interpreted the terms of the contest.

To be extra-sure to avoid any allegations of unfairness, we asked the two people who had contacted us on Twitter about their concerns to help judge the submissions, along with myself and another TMP editor.

The winner of the best quality screenshot submission is:

Yulind Schuberg, from Balmung! Congratulations!

We will be contacting you soon at the e-mail address you provided.

Here is the screenshot they submitted:


The initial winner, randomly selected from all the submissions, was Mina Yukki, of Lich (EU), as was announced on both Twitter and Facebook on May 23rd. Congratulations!

It’s a little disappointing to have to go to such lengths to explain ourselves, when our intention was simply to give away free stuff to our fans, but hopefully this clears up any possible misunderstanding. We gave away TWO prizes, one randomly, and the other based on the quality of the screenshot (even though the words “screenshot contest” did not appear anywhere in the contest terms). If you didn’t win it’s simply because a) you weren’t lucky, and b) the judges didn’t think your screenshot was the best.

We love doing giveaways, and will continue to do them as long as people keep participating and enjoying them. With the Stormblood release just around the corner we’ll be moving on to different prizes, though. Up next will be lore books, so please look forward to it!

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