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You can ask any Miqo’te, Hyur or Lalafell around. Even the NPCs at Shirogane know this. Glamour is ultimate end game! We spend countless hours crafting, scouting and testing our gear combinations to be the best-dressed White Mage in Eorzea. And what’s cooler than this? In real life glamours!

That is, essentially, what cosplay is about

Cosplay is actually a combination of two words: costume and play. It sums up the two main objectives of this art: having a costume that’s on point, and giving the feel that you are the character in the flesh! Cosplayers invest a huge amount of time, effort and money into the many different parts that a cosplay entails, from wigs, make up, coloured lenses and characterization, to EVA foam, worbla, expensive fabrics and lots of thread to create the wonderful clothes they’ll wear. Some commision their costumes to look just like the characters they want to bring into life, while others change their in real life class to Weaver and Blacksmith to craft these costumes! (Writer’s note: Use of metal not required). So crafting and glamours? There’s truly more to cosplay than what meets the eye!

The New Kid in Town

And that’s what I’m here for! My name is Lala, and from now on, I’ll be taking care of this corner, and showing you all kinds of amazing works from Final Fantasy XIV fans! Our community is truly talented; we have a big number of artists, singers, crafters and even people who take beautiful screenshots. Among these skilled folks there are many who cosplay, and it’s my job to help them shine through our magazine into your computer screens!

I started cosplaying in 2011, back in the times of Hetalia and Haruhi Suzumiya (yikes, I know. That was a long time ago), and I’ve produced more than 60 cosplays since I started! My first two cosplays were made by my aunt, but I soon decided I would level up Weaver in real life and learn how to sew myself! It’s truly one of my favourite things about cosplay. I take pride in my work and I love sewing detailed costumes! So of course, Final Fantasy is one of my favourite source materials to cosplay from. Not only I adore the games (VIII and X are the best), but I’m also fascinated by the costume designs from them. My first Final Fantasy cosplay was Terra Branford from VI (and it wouldn’t be the first time I cosplayed one of her designs), one of my favourite FF characters, and my wish list knows no limits!

Getting Started

As someone who knows that glamour is ultimate endgame, I decided to take this into reality and cosplay from the game! So far, I’ve created two Final Fantasy XIV cosplays: Moonfire Faire Miqo’te and Scholar! Even though they’re very different, they share a common feature: their design is very beautiful and fun to replicate in real life. I tend to pick my FFXIV cosplays based on two things: how much I like the design, and how much I like the job! Even though Astrologian is my healer of choice, I love Scholar as well, and this costume had the best of both worlds: a wonderful design and a fun gameplay! As for Moonfire Faire, well… everyone loves summer! This is one of my favourite events and one of my favourite seasonal rewards, so it was great creating it and very fun wearing it. And of course, my in real life glamour adventure doesn’t stop here: I must cosplay more designs from Final Fantasy XIV! (Is that a Bard cosplay I see in the near future…? Or maybe a Far Eastern Garb for Women?) One day Square Enix will free me.

Since I love you guys that much, I’m bringing you two photoshoots from both costumes so you may rejoice in the glory of cosplay. Some of these pictures have never been published anywhere– so you’ll be the first ones to see them! What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Scholar Cosplay

Lala Cosplay - Scholar - Image by: Rodrigo Garcia Lala Cosplay - Scholar - Image by: Rodrigo Garcia Lala Cosplay - Scholar - Image by: Rodrigo Garcia

Moonfire Faire Cosplay

Lala Cosplay - Moonfire Faire - Image by: Rodrigo Garcia Lala Cosplay - Moonfire Faire - Image by: Rodrigo Garcia Lala Cosplay - Moonfire Faire - Image by: Sumire Cosplay

You can find me in any of my social media listed down here, or in The Moogle Post Discord. And if you wanna be featured in future issues, please don’t be afraid to send me a message! I don’t bite. I’m just a cat.

Happy cosplay, Eorzea!



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This article can also be found in issue #21 of The Moogle Post.

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