By the twelve, we’ve hit 2000 likes on our Facebook! Time for a little giveaway!
To show our appreciation for your loving support, we have teamed up with the amazing AryeaCrafts in order to give you a chance to win one of 4 personalized etched glasses, complete with the job icon and name of your choice. You can even choose between diffrent glass types.

Giveaway: FFXIV Beer MugGiveaway: Personalized FFXIV Job GlassGiveaway: FFXIV Job Glass

To take part in the giveaway, simply complete the tasks below, each worth one entry, for your chance to win.

As the winners will be selected randomly, the more tasks you complete, the higher your chance is of winning. Best of luck! And of course, please stay tuned for more exciting stuff in the future. 😉

Want to find out more about the artist?

Why don’t you visit AryeaCrafts  on Facebook or go directly to her Etsy Store?

We’ve Hit 2000 Likes, So We’re Giving Away Personalized Glasses!

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