Welcome to the Haurchefant Café!


Adventurers in Eorzea are blessed by the Twelve, for Ardent Wolf and Aurelie Mitsu, two passionate gourmands, have decided to commemorate Eorzea’s hero, Haurchefant, by converting their humble dwelling into a café. The atmosphere, service, and food all emulate Haurchefant’s warmth; despite this, it still serves our two food connoisseurs well as a home.

On the exterior, adventurers will immediately notice a small arrangement of tables, which call out to their weary minds. Should the tables prove insufficient, a magnificent stone pit holds an equally magnificent flame so that adventurers can feel warmth even on the breezier nights in Gridania. If you should visit, you should definitely pour yourself some ale and sing of your adventurers to your fellow companions. The surrounding hedges, trees, and decor shall keep all adventurers feeling at ease.

Should the weather prove unfair, the interior is as homely as the most nostalgic of memories. Upon entering you will surely be overwhelmed by the passion and vigor that went into crafting the inviting café environment. It is simply impossible not to smile when glancing at the walls, for a friendly face surrounds you. The tables are set in a manner that makes you feel welcome, the windows invite a healthy dose of natural light, and the furniture reminds you of former memories that took place in the comfort of home; more importantly, however, is the fact that this is still a home: this is the true reason why the setting is so inviting.



Other subtle details surround both the exterior and interior, but underneath the splendor of the Haurchefaunt Café is where our friendly and hard-working chefs reside. Heading downstairs, you will immediately smell hefty grimoires as well as the ambrosial scents of Eorzean cuisine. A humble but complete library is available to the guests. Adventurers can pay their respects to Haurchefant in a simple but charming shrine, as well as write memoirs in what was originally a guest book.

After dedicating their upper floor to serving Eorzea’s enervated adventurers and half of the lower floor to Haurchefant’s touching shrine, one might think the owners left no room for their own luxuries. This is false however, as they have built themselves a soothing private area with a hot tub, a comfortable bed, a soft handcrafted rug by the hearth of a massive fireplace, and their prized possession: a coffin shaped bed for when a long day at work proved much too exhausting.



Ultimately, despite its small size, this home is truly worth examining. The sight of it conjures a smile, and the smells will make any mouth water. The taste of the food is truly delightful, and furthermore refreshing. The sounds of other adventurers make others feel comfortable and welcome, and are augmented by a constantly changing playlist of music thanks to the house’s orchestrion. The Haurchefant Café awaits you!

Aurelie Mitsu created this home courtesy of her friend and homeowner Ardent Wolf. Her three favorite activities and aspects of being an adventure are: raiding to stop powerful monsters from threatening the realm, learning and growing by taking on new professions, and socializing amongst other adventurers.

Visit her and Ardent on Midgardsormr, Lavender Beds, Ward 3, Plot 49!


Written by Phil Collins

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