Healing Job Comparison

Each of the healing jobs in FFXIV have a unique playstyle and all of them excel in some areas and struggle in others. Here’s a quick rundown of each of the available healing jobs’ strengths and weaknesses.


Scholar Pros and Cons:

Thanks to their fairy pet, scholars are capable of higher DPS uptime than the other healers. They are highly flexible when it comes to combining healing and damage output, but they have a glaring issue with sustained healing output once their cooldowns are expended, though. Scholars provide reliable utility to the group, making them a good pick for progression. They also have the best AoE mitigation of all the healing jobs, though it’s on a 120s cooldown.



  • Ability to both heal and DPS at the same time thanks to the fairy
  • Good on-demand burst healing (Lustrate, Embrace, Excogitation, and Indomitability)
  • Reliably capable of providing utility to a group thanks to their fairies and skills
  • Decent on demand burst at the cost of Aetherflow stacks
  • Good, reliable MP recovery thanks to Aetherflow and Energy Drain
  • More mobile than the other healers, thanks to Miasma II and Ruin II


  • With a dead fairy, you’re a gimped version of the other healing jobs
  • Sustained AoE Healing is A LOT weaker once your cooldowns are expended
  • Heals have extremely high MP costs compared to other healing jobs
  • Weaker AoE damage than the other healers, though it’s still acceptable.


White Mage Pros and Cons:

White mages excel at both dealing damage and healing at the same time. They have an incredibly high raw healing output, and the potency on Stone IV puts the other healer DPS to shame. They’re also the kings of AoE damage with Thin Air and Holy spam. Their glaring weakness compared to the other healing jobs is their lack of party utility.



  • Highest single target DPS thanks to Stone IV, Aero III and Aero II
  • Highest healing output thanks to Medica II and Cure III
  • Amazing AoE damage potential thanks to Thin Air, Aero III, Holy, and Assize
  • By far the cheapest HoT on demand
  • Thin Air provides excellent MP conservation if paired with expensive heals
  • Benediction is the strongest heal in the game and the best “oh shit” healing button


  • White mage provides no offensive buffs to the party
  • White mage provides no active party mitigation (only mitigation is single target)
  • Lily mechanic is underwhelming
  • Did I mention that white mages bring no utility to the group?


Astrologian Pros and Cons:

Astrologian is the jack of all trades when it comes to healing. Thanks to their sect mechanic they are capable of either shielding the party like a scholar or pumping out raw heals with regens like a white mage. Astrologian also provides some fantastic offensive utility with The Balance, which is the strongest and arguably most overpowered offensive raid buff in the game. Astrologian’s weakness is their DPS. They have the lowest damage output, but more than make up for this with their raid utility.



  • Balance, Spear, and Arrow cards are great offensive buffs
  • Bole card provides excellent mitigation
  • Sect mechanic allows astrologians to fill either the shield or regen healing role
  • Good burst AoE healing thanks to Earthly Star, and decent sustained healing
  • Good single target burst healing thanks to Essential Dignity and Benefic II
  • The ability to be insanely broken if you win the RNG lottery
  • Good burst damage if you have a Lord Card held
  • Best sustained AoE mitigation


  • Buffs are subject to card RNG, and thus unreliable
  • Worst MP sustain/recovery out of the healing jobs


TL;DR Version:

  • If you want a lot of personal DPS and very strong heals without having to think about utility too much, then the white mage is the class for you.
  • If you’re willing to sacrifice personal DPS output in exchange for versatility and amazing raid utility, then astrologian is your go to healing class.
  • If you’d rather spend most of your time slinging out DPS spells while relying on your fairy and burst healing with Aetherflow stacks to carry the healing load, then the scholar job is an excellent choice for you.


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