Hoegwarts: Learning the Art of Stripology

Welcome to Hoegwarts, the classiest academy for strippers in all of Eorzea!

A degree in Stripology from this prestigious institution will guarantee you a top position anywhere you desire… or, wherever others desire you. Once you manage to surmount the large tuition fees, entry is no issue at this school; their only goal is to get you off to a good start in life.



Their Headmaster, Amparro, was kind enough to give me a private, behind the scenes tour. The entrance was absolutely exquisite, with lush vegetation, beautifully carved statues and a grand staircase leading up to the private classrooms and library. The Orchestrion sang out some elegant, yet upbeat songs throughout the tour, definitely befitting of the academy itself.



The main floor consisted of a front counter that housed the welcoming committee who assisted new students with any last minute details on their applications, getting signed in, and providing an initial tour of the academy. They certainly knew how to make one feel welcome! A small workshop with all of the innumerable crafting stations is also provided to students to ensure that they leave the academy with more than just one trade skill.



Amparro then led me downstairs where a large faux strip club was located. Here, she informed me, the students perform and are observed and critiqued by the in house professors. Surprisingly, there are a lot of different situations that the students must study and prepare for! Within this single classroom, the students learn basic stage presence, pole dancing, private dances, and bar top dancing. 



There is even piano top dancing for the pupils looking to get into the more elegant career options.! Each of these areas fall under the “public” portion of their schooling and take up the first three of their four years of academia. Afterthey have proven themselves worthy for the “public” life, the students are then able to progress into their final year of classes, consisting of the “private” portion. These classes take place in the top floor of the academy where two private bedrooms are set up. Here, other students and professors observe and critique each other on technique, as well as meet with special clients as a first step into their new careers.


To see more, visit the academy on Lich in Mist, Ward 5 Plot 45 or our Imgur Album Here!


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