The people of Finland are known for being taciturn and reticent, reserved even by Nordic standards… and then there’s Tua Teamtime. Since 2015, the feisty Finn has been entertaining Twitch viewers with her effervescent personality, charming accent, and her adorable cats, Jim and Mustis. Tua was kind enough to agree to an interview, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about one of our favourite streamers.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Tua, a FFXIV streamer from Finland, with a funny accent and cats!

How did you get started playing FFXIV and what attracted you to the game in the first place?

My account is from 2010 and I got it since I’m a big Final Fantasy fan and MMO junkie, but I couldn’t play the 1.0 version of the game much since it was so terrible. I came back for the ARR launch, and have been playing the game nonstop ever since.

Is FFXIV popular in Finland?

It’s pretty well-known in the MMO and anime circles. We’ve had some IRL meetups and there’s a Finnish-language FB group and Discord.

What motivated you to start streaming your FFXIV adventures?

I started watching streams when my PC died soon after the Heavensward launch. I thought to myself “Hmm, I can do this too, and I can be good at it!”

Did you have any previous experience with or training in this sort of stuff?

I’m a graphic designer by trade so I got to flex my design and typography muscles. I knew nothing about video or audio beforehand, so it was exciting to study and learn that part. I started streaming straight from the PS4, but moved back to PC soon after.

Your accent is adorable. Do you get a lot of comments on it while streaming?

Hehe yeah, and I love them. I can do sick rolling Rs.

I’ve seen you do raid streams, gpose streams, and even some non-FFXIV streams. How would you describe the content of your stream and how do you choose what to stream on any given day?

I’m a FFXIV streamer first and foremost, and I love to stream varied content, focusing on accessible endgame stuff like EX Primals and PF Raids. I don’t like repetition much, myself, so I try to vary what I do in game every day. I’m crazy about endgame… the TRUE endgame: glamour & gpose! I used to do Single Player Game Fridays, and I want to get back to it once we start running out of things to do in FFXIV again. I dabble a bit in IRL streams like cooking and jigsaw puzzles as well, for variety.

You mained MCH in Creator but were pretty disappointed with the changes to that class in 4.0. What’s your preferred job to play in FFXIV these days?

I wish there was a gun class in the game. Oh right. I main AST and RDM now though, and learning NIN. I love buffing and debuffing classes! I still wish there was a distinct support role in the game.

I know you recently cleared O4S for the first time. Do you raid with a static group, or just do your own thing in PF?

I’m in a casual static, with many members that I’ve known since SWTOR days, way before ARR. I also have an alt I use to run “PF Fun-times” weekly on stream, jumping into random groups and seeing what happens.

Do you consider yourself a “hardcore” player?

I’m not hardcore, but I’m pretty versatile at the game, and love to show people around different content.

What’s your favourite content to run in-game?

EX Primals! Awesome music, visuals, mechanics and throwbacks to earlier titles in the series. Also fun to do with community members. I can’t wait to get a larger collection of SB Primals.

What do you think of the current savage raid tier? Are you pleased with the design of the encounters? What about the difficulty level?

I think it’s great they made the early turns accessible to new raiders and it’s been great to see people try out raiding for the first time in Omega. I really like O3S and O4S, they’re those types of fights where there’s just so much stuff happening at once, but after doing it for a while you learn the patterns and it becomes easy. I’m still hyped about clearing the last tier.

Now that you’ve cleared O4S, do you plan on trying Super Savage when it’s released in patch 4.1?

Yup, we’ll jump in there and work on it casually. We’ve got months to beat it before the next tier, after all. I also can’t wait to try out salty PF groups on my alt, just for laughs.

You have two amazing cats that make frequent guest appearances on your stream. Can you tell us about them?

My two cats, Jim and Mustis, are rescue cats and they’re usually hanging around my desk while I stream or destroying something in the other room just out of sight. Mustis is a big fluffy softie and Jimmy is a mean, lean little kitty. There’s a bit of a TeamMustis vs TeamJim thing going on in my community, especially since Jimmy tends to bully Mustis now and then.

My absolute favorite thing about your stream is the CatTV cam. Where did that idea come from?

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a facecam on my stream at all, so I had the cam point at my cats instead! They’re a great conversation starter. I have two cameras now, one on myself and the other I move around, trying to catch glimpses of elusive cat butts.

Are your cats big FFXIV fans?

I have a small Paissa figurine and the cats are absolutely crazy about it. I had to lock it away because they used to steal the Paissa off the shelf and play football with it.

Any tips for people who are interested in Twitch super stardom?

Watch a lot of streams, note down what kind of content and features you like, and try to create a stream you’d want to watch yourself!

Any big future plans for the stream that you’re willing to share with us?

I want to travel around Finland and do mobile IRL streams from different locations. I recently took part in the #MoogleTravels project and I went climbing on rock cliffs just to photograph a Moogle plushie for social media, and I want to do more things like that! Perhaps the Paissa will get to travel next…

Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap up (people you’d like to thank, things/projects you’d like to plug, etc.)?

The FFXIV community on Twitch is one of the nicest and most positive game communities on the site, and I love meeting old and new fans of the series! Streams are also a great way to connect with people on your home server as well as your datacentre, so for new players especially I suggest looking up streamers on your DC!

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