Issue #20 – October 2017

TMP #20 is here! This month the TMP team brings you an interview with Twitch streamer Tua Teatime, YouTube nerd-rock legend Husky by the Geek, memories of #SkipSoarOrDisband salt, and a fantastic Dragoon guide by Momo Sama.

Click on the cover below to enjoy the full issue.


About The Author

Amparro Jhida

A ridiculously gorgeous foe hoe, this mediocre bard acts as the mental supporter for her fellow editors of TMP. Through bribing them with a dream of owning a moogle boat, she desperately tries to instill her German efficiency in the other members (though this is proving more difficult than anticipated). She plans to spend her time sipping wine and loving cheese on the boat with her fellow editors! When she is not nannying them, she can be found tending to her fellow Front Positional FC mates over on Lich.

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