Hello friends! Today I’d like to take a look at some warrior misconceptions I’ve encountered within the community. In patch 4.05, a great thing happened my axe wielding friends; Inner Release and Unchained became a 0 gauge cost skill! This, of course, opened some opportunities for our burst phases, since Inner Release halved our gauge cost. What I’ve seen some warriors do is see the extra gauge as an extra Fell Cleave because damage. But is it the best use of gauge? No, no it’s not.

When you enter your Inner Release burst phase, you should have 180 gauge in total to spend throughout its duration (100 at the start, 50 from Infuriate, and 30 from Maim and Path). Using 6 Fell Cleaves, this drops us the 30 gauge up for grabs (6*25=150), which means you can Fell Cleave and have 5 gauge left or use it on your OGCDs. If done correctly, you can fit one upheaval and 2 Onslaughts within an Inner Release window (fight allowing) so let’s check potency comparison.

Fell Cleave – 500 potency
Total: 500 potency

Upheaval – 300 potency
Onslaught – 100*2 = 200
Total: 500 potency

Looks dead even, right? So why push more buttons when you can just Fell Cleave?

Easy friends, Fell Cleave is a GCD, meaning to get true potencies, we have to include the extra GCD you get for omitting Fell Cleave.

Fell Cleave – 500 potency
Total: 500 potency with 5 gauge remaining

Upheaval – 300 potency
Onslaught – 100*2 = 200 potency
Heavy Swing – 150 potency
Total: 650 potency with 0 gauge remaining

It uses all your gauge and does more damage. It’s like having your cake and eating it too! This is excluding buffs like Thrill of Battle and Berserk, which will only widen the gap, making your OGCDs an even better option overall. So avoid the Fail Cleave and embrace your OGCDs! Farewell friends, and may your Fell Cleaves always end with !!

This article can also be found in issue #21 of The Moogle Post.

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Aurius Rosnsathsyn is a tank main and writer of the Last Bastion article. He spends his time theory crafting when hes not getting punched in the face.

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