Best in Slot Gear Sets

Direct Hit is king, followed by Critical Hit and Determination. The meta party composition consists of Dragoon, Scholar, and Bard, as these classes have buffs that increase your chance to crit. With a meta composition, crit is better than det. Outside of a meta composition, det is slightly stronger than crit. That said, I would still recommend that you prioritize Direct Hit and Crit in speedruns, as a lucky DH/crit run will go a long way. I’ve included a higher SS build because in some fights (O1s and O4s) you may get the extra GCD off while dealing with mechanics that require you to disengage from the target (depending on your latency).

Non-Meta Comp (no DRG/SCH/BRD) –

Meta Comp (DRG/SCH/BRD) –

High SS Build –

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