So you want to become a Chocobo Jockey?

This guide was originally written by Mitsuki Gray on Adamantoise, also on /r/ffxiv as /u/ravendew. Mitsuki has kindly given The Moogle Post permission to display this guide on our website.

The posts in this guide are organized according to a tiered system based on what level of experience they are written to. To get started, pick which statement below best applies to you.


I either haven’t started my racing career yet, or I’m working on my first chocobo.


I know the basics, but would like to learn more about the minigame.


I’m close to a pedigree 9 chocobo, and I’m looking to build my ultimate chocobo.


Alternatively, you can browse posts by category as well by using the sidebar on this page. The posts are classified as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced based on which of the above categories they’re catered to.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you learn something!

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