PLD 2.44 GCD Genji Legs BiS
Can meld 1x Quickarm V materia to achieve 2.43 GCD

PLD 2.41 GCD Lost Allagan Legs Alternative
-0.72% Total value (SS not accounted for, Crit slightly more value in SCH/DRG comp) +1.01% DoT/AA Multiplier (Autos + Goring ~25% of PLD damage)

PLD 2.45 GCD i340 Accessories (No-Crafted) Alternative
-1.03% Total value +1612/1827 HP depending on food


To maximize your damage, you will want to meld Direct Hit materia on your left side pieces, and Strength materia on your right side pieces. There is an argument for melding Tenacity on your left side over Direct Hit, as extra mitigation is nice, however melding all tier 6 materia provides only 520 stats total. If these were all Tenacity, you would net a total of 2.4% increase in your damage mitigation for a 0.9% decrease in your damage output. The 2.4% mitigation is going to be saving you about 500-600 HP on tankbusters, so I’m personally in favor of the Direct Hit melds, as.the damage reduction is not likely to make or break you.


Stat intervals and BiS sets were calculated using the following tools:

FFXIV 70 Statistic Intervals by Nemekh:

Gear Stats Calculator by MikeMatrix:


BiS breakdown courtesy of Voxfall Valerie of Ragnarok (EU) and The Balance Discord.

The Balance Discord –

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