Below is a link of my current personal BiS. Note
that this may or may not be true BiS. Since we do
not know stat weights yet, I decided to go with the
gear in the following link. This set aims for a high
crit rate and is supplemented with direct hit melds.
If you do not wish to meld Direct Hit because it
doesn’t affect your heals, I’d recommend melding
either determination or more crit.

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Video has been a long time MMO player, Starting with RuneScape in 2006 and Guild Wars 2 in 2012. Since 2014 he made the jump to FFXIV, still playing both of the other games casually on the side. Video has cleared every raid tier FFXIV has to offer back when they were new and fresh content. Originally Video played both Scholar and Summoner, but made the permament transition to Scholar when Second Coil released. These days, Video spends most of his time analyzing FFlogs, not only to look at his own performance but also to look at how others handle certain situations. If one thing is true, it’s the fact that you can never have too much game knowledge. Outside of MMO’s Video also enjoys playing racing games such as Forza Horizon and GRID.

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