It’s that time again!! Screenshot of the Month is LIVE, this time with something very special!

This Months Contest will Have a Prize!!!

The Best Screenshot from Each Category (One Edited, and one Unedited) Will win A Carbuncle Mount in the color of your choice!)

So if that sounds awesome to you, then please join us on Discord and submit your shots in the #screenshot-of-the-month channel!

With a certain lovey-dovey holiday approaching fast, this months theme is “A Romantic Moment” Capture a romantic shot, it can be with anyone, we don’t discriminate here… Well except Cactuars, please don’t romanticize the cactuars.. -wait what?… Oh, okay. I have just been told if you must, you can romanticize the cactuars at your own risk.

For this month, I will be providing a submission template for you to use to help this process go much quicker and easier, Please Copy this template and use it with your submission. Character Name(s) and Server: Screenshot Caption: Edited or Non Edited: (Reshade is considered Edited, please take that into account)

As always, please remember The Rules:

One Submission Per Person
No NSFW Images (Not even for this one, sorry)

Entries will be closed January 25th So get out there and take some sweet romantic shots!

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Midlander heartthrob and Warrior extraordinaire Oldbear Stormborn is the creator and Editor-in-chief of The Moogle Post. He spends his limitless free time working on creative projects and running laps in the Mist on his home server of Adamantoise.

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