Isn’t it always the case that when you decide to really buckle down and get things done the world goes topsy turvy on you? Finishing my Bard relic has gotten me all excited to push for another while I still have time pre-Stormblood. I got my Warrior relic up to the light phase and logged out Sunday night, ready to really dive in on Monday and get it done! Now it may surprise you, given my love of being in charge, but tanking isn’t really my favorite job in the game. It’s much like parenting in many ways. I find it incredibly stressful to have to set a pace that makes everyone happy. Perfectly timed activity (pulls), magically knowing what each party member can handle without becoming overwhelmed, not to mention the actual act of tanking itself.  I never was good with rotations, so basically mine goes something like this: Tomahawk, wait for them to gather, Flash, Overpower Overpower Overpower, Maybe some 1, 2, 3 combo, Overpower. So basically, I’m a mediocre tank at best, and I was okay with that until now. See, NOW I have to gain light on my Warrior, which sort of requires constant tanking. UGH! At least, that was the plan.

Monday morning came, and along with it a phone call. Last week I had applied for a job for the first time in 7 years. I have been so very blessed to be able to stay home and play video games all day take care of my kids for so long, but alas my car is breaking and it is time to rejoin the adult world so I can replace it. I thought I was clever, though. With such crappy work history and such a HUGE gap between my last job and now, I figured I could put in an application every week or so and drag it out until summer before I landed a job. Plenty of time to finish that relic! But NO! The very first application I put in nets a callback and an interview, which I subsequently nailed. So now not only am I out of time to work on the relic, I barely have time to log in for my friggin cactpot each day! Forget capping scriptures or doing anything that even remotely resembles progress, and who knows if I’ll end up even buying the expansion when it comes out!

So, I’m a grown up again. Booo! Now if you’ll excuse me, it is my day off and I think I am going to go spam A1s for light for the next hour before I have to pick up my kids from school, flip laundry loads, clean the living room and decide on what’s for dinner. Oh wait. It’s a maintenance day! Go figure!! Anyone have a spare maid they could loan me so I can just go nap like a real adult?

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