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Four years have passed since the Calamity, and thus it is time to celebrate the remembrance once again. It is indeed hard, however, to celebrate when one’s closest companion is missing! Nonora seeks your assistance in locating her friend, the Wandering Minstrel. She explains the horror behind his disappearance, which seems to be the handiwork of a horde of mechanical bugs that were thought to be eliminated the previous year. Worried that these pests would distress those of Eorzea and distract from the reflection of the Calamity and celebration of its end, Nonora requested the aid of the Wandering Minstrel. Though the appearance of the bugs has ceased, so has the appearance of the Minstrel. Now it is up to you, oh great Warrior of Light, to step in and save the day! Per Nonora’s suggestion, you head off to Nophica’s Wells in Western Thanalan.

Upon your surveillance of the area, you note a strange Teleportation Ward and examine it. You note remnants of the mechanical pests laying around and decide to hop on through.

On the other side, you find the missing Wandering Minstrel examining the remains of one of the bugs. He admits he is in need of assistance and he, too, requests your help. He explains how his extermination of the nest set off a trap, leaving him stranded in this void you both now find yourselves, stripped of the ability to use and teleportation magicks. However, much to his delight, the Minstrel has found that a command does exist that will undo this magick that has him bound, though it is locked behind a maze he is unable to solve. Off to the labyrinth (AKA, the Cheap Dungeon) for you!

 Interacting with the Battered Bug will give you access to the Cheap Dungeon. Within this dungeon, you will have to solve a password that is hidden among a maze consisting of 2 floors. In order to move throughout this maze, you will use the following controls:

  • W: Move Forward
  • S: Move Back
  • A: Turn Left
  • D: Turn Right
  • Q: Move Left
  • E: Move Right


You will be taken to a screen that resembles that of an old school handheld game where you will navigate your way through the first floor. Be sure to search and find all nooks and crannies, not just the “correct” path. Hidden throughout the maze on the first floor, you will find numbers 1-7.

I recommend that you screenshot the uncovered maze once you have found all of the numbers. Proceed to the stairwell that you will have uncovered to gain access to the second floor. Uncover the second floor by the same means as the first, though this time you will uncover 18 letters (if you uncover every nook and cranny as you did on the first floor).

This is where the screenshot of the first floor comes in. You do not necessarily have to uncover all 18 letters. Simply unlock the paths that lead you to the location that is associated with the spots that the numbers are located in on the first floor. Note: The pathways will not be the same, but the “coordinates” of the blocks in which the numbers and letters are located will be. Once you have the letters, find the hidden stairwell and proceed to it. This will open a new screen which will ask you for the password and provide you with all of the letters you have uncovered.

Compare the screenshot of the first floor with the second floor. The letter that is in the same location as 1 will be first, then the letter in the location of 2 and so on. After entering the password, which will be different each time, click confirm to release the Wandering Minstrel from captivity!

The Wandering Minstrel uses his teleportation magick without fault, but you are teleported somewhere else…somewhere resembling a dreamlike land. Here you are shocked to meet…

Ha, nice try! You’ll  have to do the event to find out 🙂

Though concerned about your delay, the Wandering Minstrel thanks you for your assistance and you both make your way back to Nonora in Ul’dah, where the Minstrel dedicates a new verse in your honour and the three of you blissfully enjoy the celebration whilst reflecting on those lost in the Calamity.

A fan of mazes and want to try your hand at it again? Simply interact with the toy chest in any inn room!








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