Here are the current best-in-slot gear options for Warrior’s in Stormblood. I’ve included both crafted and non-crafted alternatives, as well as different GCD options.

Credit for these best in slot lists goes to the Warrior discussion channel on The Balance Discord server.

Crafted Right-Side

2.43 GCD – 1504.454118 eDMG – Crafted Necklace – 12 SkS Overmelded 2.44 GCD – 1508.06609 eDMG – Genji Necklace – 24 SkS Overmelded 2.45 GCD – 1510.211785 eDMG – Genji Necklace – No SkS Overmelds


Non-Crafted Options

2.43 GCD – 1479.386413 eDMG – No Crafted Pieces + Tome Belt 2.45 GCD – 1489.21156 eDMG – No Crafted Pieces + Genji Belt


Stat intervals and BiS sets were calculated using the following tools:

FFXIV 70 Statistic Intervals by Nemekh:

Gear Stats Calculator by MikeMatrix:

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